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Insert Objects

ArcView layout allows the user to insert objects that have been created in other sections of the project, such as views, tables and charts. It is also possible to insert north arrows, scale bars and legend bars. ArcView also has the option to insert an image file in various formats, including .bil, .bip .gif, .bmp, .gif and others.

Creates a view frame - inserts a view into the layout, layout view remains linked to the actual view and any changes will be echoed in the layout

Creates a legend frame - inserts a legend that corresponds to the theme

Creates a scale bar frame - inserts a scale bar that corresponds to the view, scale is in the map units specified in the view

Creates a north arrow frame - inserts a correctly located north arrow

Creates a chart frame - inserts a chart, the layout chart remains tied to the chart view and any changes to the chart will be echoed in the layout

Creates a table frame - inserts a table, the layout table remains linked to the table view and any changes to the table will be echoed in the layout

Creates a picture frame - inserts an image into the layout


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