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Labeling Data Based on an Attribute

You can use values in a theme attribute table as text labels. To do this, you open the Theme Properties dialog box. This dialog is accessed by choosing Properties from the Theme menu. Inside the dialog, you specify the field whose values you want to use as text labels and the label's position on the feature. You can also set the label to scale with the theme, so that when you zoom in and out on features, the labels change size also.

Below, a field called Name is used to label the theme's features with their county names.

You can use the Font Palette in the Symbol Window to set the size, style, and font of text labels before you create them, or you can change these properties later. It is a good idea to choose simple text fonts for text labels. Such fonts enhance a theme's display and increase map readability. Using hard-to-read fonts or using too many different fonts for the themes in a view may distract the map reader.

A quick way to label a feature with an attribute name is to use the Tag button
.This will display the name of the feature.


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