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Ordering and Licensing Information

Single User Orders

The best way to purchase copies of the Global GIS CD-ROMs is from the AGI Online Bookstore. The CD's are available for $29.95 each, or all seven CD-ROMs for $180.

The Global Coverage DVD-ROM is available for $149.95.

AGI Member Society Member discounts are available.


Educational Site Licensing

All educational site licensing permits unlimited educational and research use of the GlobalGIS products for the licensed users. To order or if you have questions, please contact AGI Publications Licensing at: or (703) 379-2480x224

Limited K-12 Lab/School-wide License: License is for up to 50 concurrent users for instructional use in a single K-12 school.
CD-ROM: $50/each
DVD-ROM: $250/each

Unlimited K-12 Lab/School-wide License: License for unlimited concurrent users for both research and instruction in a single K-12 school

Fewer than 500 students:
CD-ROM: $100/each
DVD-ROM: $500

500 or more students:
CD-ROM: $125/each
DVD-ROM: $625

University Department: License is for unlimited educational and research use in a single college or university department.

Fewer than 100 faculty, staff and majors:
CD-ROM: $125/each
DVD-ROM: $625

100 or more faculty, staff and majors:
CD-ROM: $175/each
DVD-ROM: $875

K-12 School Districts/University Campus: License for unlimited educational and research use in a single recognized K-12 School District, in all facilities operated by the district:

Less than 2,500 Students:
CD-ROM: $150/each
DVD-ROM: $750/each

Between 2,500 and 10,000 students:
CD-ROM: $300/each
DVD-ROM: $1500/each

Over 10,000 students:
CD-ROM: $750/each
DVD-ROM: $3750/each

State University System/State-National Licensing (K-12 and/or Higher Education): License is for unlimited instructional and research use across the publicly recognized K-12 and/or Higher Education institutions in a state, nation or university system.

Under 500,000 students and faculty
$2,500 per CD
$12,500 DVD

500,000-1,000,000 students and faculty
$3,750 per CD
$18,750 DVD

1,000,000-2,000,000 students and faculty
$5,000 per CD
$25,000 DVD

Over 2,000,000 students and faculty
$10,000 per CD
$50,000 DVD


Corporate and Enterprise Licensing

Please contact John Rasanen ( to discuss opportunities for discounts on corporate and enterprise licensing of the GlobalGIS series


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