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Is country X included on Disk Y?

Below are the rectangular geographic coordinates for each of the Global GIS CD-ROMs. Please use this information and an Atlas to make this determination

  • North America
    [180° W, 85° N], [10° W, 5° N]
  • South & Central America
    [95° W, 30° N], [25° W, 60° S]
  • Europe
    [ 30° W, 85° N], [45° E, 30° N]
  • Africa
    [30° W, 40° N], [60° E, 55° S]
  • South Asia
    [45° E, 55° N], [150° E, 5° N]
  • North Eurasia
    [25° E, 85° N], [180° E, 40° N]
  • South Pacific
    [90° E, 25° N], [180° E, 55° S]

Updates and Fixes

Please refer to the appropriate disk below regarding any available updates of bug fixes.

North America

Earthquakes data updated
released August 2003

Populated Gazetteer (cities)
released August 2003

Corrected version 3.x project for ArcView 3.0 owners
includes 3.0 for Macintosh
released August 2003

Central & South America

Elevation data (image data) update
released August 2003
found by N. Holmgren

No updates currently available.

No updates currently available.

South Asia
No updates currently available.

North Eurasia
No updates currently available.

South Pacific
No updates currently available.

No updates currently available.


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