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Earth From Space

Andrew K. Johnston

Earth From Space shows how satellite imaging also called remote sensing works and showcases some of the most extraordinary photographs ever published.

In the mid-1990s a new generation of satellites began to orbit the Earth. More powerful and accurate than ever, they can record the effects of human and natural forces, and how the planet is changing through time can be clearly seen.

The book also dispels popular misconceptions like those used in Hollywood movies for dramatic effect such as exaggerated surveillance capabilities of orbiting satellites. However, what the satellites do see is nothing short of spectacular.

Earth From Space presents stunning color photographs of:

  • Coastal ports and major world cities
  • Military installations such as the Russian Pacific submarine fleet
  • Rebuilding lower Manhattan and the Pentagon after 9/11
  • Landscapes of wars including Iraq and Iran
  • Rain forests, wetlands, coral reefs, rivers and mountains
  • Effects of deforestation and desertification

Earth From Space covers subjects ranging from aeronautics to history to ecology with unforgettable illustrations an expansive big picture view of the world.

2004 Smithsonian Institution
Published by Firefly Books

ISBN 1-554072913. Paperback, 9.00"x11.00" 272 pp. item #300345

This item is no longer available.

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