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10 Pack: U.S. Geoscience Today and in the Next Decade flyers

List Price: $5.00

100 Pack: U.S. Geoscience Today and in the Next Decade flyers

List Price: $35.00

Association of State Geologists Centennial History: 1908-2008
James C. Cobb

List Price: $50.00

 Bibliography of Geoscience Theses
American Geological Institute
ISBN: 0-922152-18-7

List Price: $60.00

Careers for Geoscientists CD-ROM

List Price: $5.00

Dawn of the Anthropocene: Humanity's Defining Moment
George A. Seielstad
ISBN: 978-0-922152-91-9

List Price: $4.99

Dictionary of Geological Terms
Edited by Robert L. Bates and Julia A. Jackson
ISBN: 0-385-18101-9

List Price: $18.95

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
Compiled by the American Geological Institute for the U.S. Bureau of Mines
ISBN: 0-922152-36-5

List Price: $49.00

Directory of Geoscience Departments 2014
Carolyn Wilson
ISBN: 978-0-922152-96-4

List Price: $35.00

Directory of Geoscience Departments 2013
Carolyn Wilson
ISBN: 978-0-922152-93-3

List Price: $35.00

Earth and Environmental Science Speller

List Price: $5.00

Earth Science Week 2011 Toolkit - Our Ever-Changing Earth

List Price: $6.00

Earth Science Week 2012 Toolkit - Discovering Careers

List Price: $6.00

Earth Science Week 2013 Toolkit - Mapping Our World

List Price: $6.00

Earth Science Week 2014 Toolkit

List Price: $7.95

Earth Science Week 2014 Toolkit - 10 Pack

List Price: $48.45

Earth Science Week 2014 Toolkit - 2 Pack

List Price: $15.20

Earth Science Week 2014 Toolkit - 5 Pack

List Price: $32.85

Earth Science Week Multi Theme Pack

List Price: $18.00

Earth Science Week Patch (Pack of 10)

List Price: $15.00

EARTH Workforce Geoscience Careers magazines (Pack of 10)

List Price: $10.00

Geology, Hydrology & History of the Washington, DC Area
Edited by John E. Moore and Julia A. Jackson
ISBN: 0-922152-00-4

List Price: $5.00

GeoRef Serials List

List Price: $118.75

Geoscience Handbook: AGI Data Sheets
J. Douglas Walker, Harvey A. Cohen
ISBN: 978-0-922152-84-1

List Price: $49.95

Edited by Robert L. Bates, Marla D. Adkins-Heljeson, and Rex C. Buchanan
ISBN: 0-922152-14-4

List Price: $10.00

Glossary of Geology, Fifth Edition (revised)
Edited by Klaus K.E. Neuendorf, James P. Mehl, Jr., and Julia A. Jackson
ISBN: 978-0-922152-89-6

List Price: $99.95

Glossary of Hydrology
Edited by William E. Wilson and John E. Moore
ISBN: 0-922152-35-7

List Price: $5.00

Illustrated Dictionary of Earth Science CD-ROM
American Geological Institute and Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc.
ISBN: 1-58256-022-6

List Price: $29.95

Living With Karst - A Fragile Foundation
George Veni, Harvey DuChene, Nicholas C. Crawford, Christopher G. Groves, George N. Huppert, Ernst H. Kastning, Rick Olson, Betty J. Wheeler.
ISBN: 0-922152-58-6

List Price: $5.00

Living With Unstable Ground
Thomas Holzer
ISBN: 0-922152-82-9

List Price: $5.00

Meeting Environmental Challenges with Remote Sensing Imagery
Rebecca L. Dodge and Russell G. Congalton
ISBN: 978-0-922152-94-0

List Price: $5.00

Metal Mining and the Environment
Travis L. Hudson, Frederick D. Fox, Geoffrey S. Plumlee
ISBN: 0-922152-51-9

List Price: $5.00

Minerals - Foundations of Society
Ann P. Dorr and Alma Hale Paty
ISBN: 0-922152-60-8

List Price: $5.00

One Man's Planet: Earth in Today's Political Culture
Stephen M. Testa
ISBN: 978-0-922152-85-8

List Price: $24.95

Professional Women and Minorities: A Total Human Resources Data Compendium
Prepared by Nicole Di Fabio, Carolyn Brandi and Lisa Frehill
ISBN: 0190-1796

List Price: $10.00

Salaries of Scientists, Engineers and Technicians - A Summary of Salary Surveys
Prepared by Nathan E. Bell, Nicole M. Di Fabio and Lisa M. Frehill
ISBN: 0146-5015

List Price: $10.00

Soils, Society, and the Environment
Thomas E. Loynachan, Kirk W. Brown, Terence H. Cooper, John M. Kimble, Murray H. Milford, David B. Smith
ISBN: 0-922152-74-8

List Price: $5.00

Status of the Geoscience Workforce 2011
Leila Gonzales and Christopher Keane
ISBN: 978-0-922152-86-5

List Price: $50.00

Sustaining Our Soils & Society
Thomas E. Loynachan, Kirk W. Brown, Terence H. Cooper, and Murray H. Milford
ISBN: 0-922152-50-0

List Price: $5.00

The Consumer's Guide to Minerals
Christopher Keane and Megan Sever

List Price: $4.99

Travels in Geology: On the Road with Earth, Volume 1: U.S. & Canada
Megan Sever, Sara Pratt, and Erin Wayman
ISBN: 9780922152971

List Price: $4.99

Water and the Environment
Stephen J. Vandas, Thomas C. Winter, and William A. Battaglin
ISBN: 0-922152-63-2

List Price: $5.00

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