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Dictionary of Geological Terms
Edited by Robert L. Bates and Julia A. Jackson
ISBN: 0-385-18101-9

List Price: $18.95

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
Compiled by the American Geological Institute for the U.S. Bureau of Mines
ISBN: 0-922152-36-5

List Price: $49.00

Earth and Environmental Science Speller

List Price: $5.00

Glossary of Geology, Fifth Edition (revised)
Edited by Klaus K.E. Neuendorf, James P. Mehl, Jr., and Julia A. Jackson
ISBN: 978-0-922152-89-6

List Price: $99.95

Glossary of Hydrology
Edited by William E. Wilson and John E. Moore
ISBN: 0-922152-35-7

List Price: $5.00

Illustrated Dictionary of Earth Science CD-ROM
American Geological Institute and Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc.
ISBN: 1-58256-022-6

List Price: $29.95

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