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Report on the joint meeting of the
IMA-Commission on Museums
and SMMP-Europe
Munich, Germany - November 3
, 2006

The annual Meeting of the IMA-Commission on Museums and SMMP (Europe) was held during the Munich Mineral Show on Friday 3rd November 2006at 4:00 pm in room B 12 (Hall B 1). 22 curators from 8 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and USA) attended the meeting. 

Lydie Touret (Paris/France) as Chairwoman of the CM and Peter Davidson (Edinburgh/Scotland-UK) as European Representative of SMMP opened and moderated the meeting. Minutes were taken by Kay Schuermann (Marburg/Germany). 


Lydie Touret opened the meeting by giving a short report of the IMA-Meeting in July 2006 in Kobe/Japan. She talked briefly about the Business Meetings and referred to the problems and discussions that arose in deciding where the next M&M Conference will be held. It was revealed that the meeting in 2008 - M&M6 - will be held September 7-9, 2008 at the Green Centre Facility, at the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden Colorado. Field trips will be planned to run prior to the meeting and the Denver Gem and Mineral Show will be open on September 11th. It was also decided that in order to ensure a better representation of voting national members when it comes to making a decision on the venue for M&M 7 in 2012, the decision itself will be made during the IMA Business Meetings in 2008 (and not as at the IMA-Meeting 2010 in Budapest/Hungary which would have been the normal procedure).

Peter Davidson gave a small report about the SMMP meeting in Denver 2006 and once again urged all curators to join the SMMP. As European Co-ordinator, Peter was able to send a letter on behalf of SMMP (Europe) to the authorities in Russia to help in the campaign to maintain the independence of the Fersman Museum. He thanked everyone for their support.

Museum Reports


  • Vanni Moggi Cecchi from Prato(Italy) announced the opening of the new �Museo di Scienze Planetarie (�. This new museum houses two collections of meteorites (150+) including the Nardini Collection, and about minerals (1500+).

  • Carlo M. Gramaccioli, Francesco Demartin (University of Milan) and Federico Pezzotta (Museum of Natural History, Milan)/ Italy gave a report on the state of the collections at the Museum of Natural History in Milan. They report that the Mineral Collection is not in very good shape at present. However, a  start was made on creating a computer-based inventory of the about 50.000 specimen and as a result a number of new minerals were discovered and these were written up and published in cooperation with colleagues from the university.

  • It was announced that Allessandro Guastoni has moved from Milan to Padua to head the Mineralogical Museum of the University of Padua (Italy); the collection and the catalogues were until recently stored in a non-standard way.


  • In Switzerland, Beda Hofmann is to be the successor of Tony Stadler at the Museum of Natural History Bern (Switzerland). His first task is to begin a major new research project on meteorites. It was also announced that Mr Edwin Gnoz from the Museum of Natural History Geneve (Switzerland), whose collections seem to be in good shape, is to undertake a project based in Madagascar.


  • The Mineralogical Collection of the Technical University at Berlin celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2006. The curator, Suzanne Herting-Agthe, regretfully told the meeting that that the exhibitions are closed at present to deal with the removal of asbestos. They expect to re-open in Spring 2007.

  • Hans-Peter Schertl of the Mineralogical Collection of the Ruhr-University Bochum, which has a famous Petrological Collection, informed the delegates that the University is to incorporate the petrological collection of the University Bonn.

  • The building in which the Mineralogical Collection of the University Jena is housed ia to be renovated reported Birgit Kreher-Hartmann. A new catalogue of historical meteorites has been prepared.

  • Joachim Lorenz told us that the Spessart Collection at Aschaffenburg would be moving into a new building.

  • The Museum �Reich der Kristalle� (Munich) plans a total change of its permanent exhibition (Gilla Simon).

  • Jochen Schl�ter from the Mineralogical Museum Hamburg (Germany) reported that he will, with others, be compiling a special type specimen catalogue for Germany (there will be a special flyer).

  • Kay Sch�rmann (Frankfurt/Germany) reported that he is now responsible for the mineralogical collection of the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Frankfurt/Main; This large collection with about 20,000 mostly historical samples has been without a curator since 1923.


  • Terry Huizing from the Cincinnati Museum Center (USA) reported of a new collection sponsered by an anonymous person and the foundation of a local mineral society. The museum keeps up national activities with the Philadelphia Academy of Science.


  • Fred Steinar Nordrum of the Mining Museum in Kongsberg reported that as a result of a major reform of museums in Norway, the Kongsberg Museum will be the central museum in a network of 16 museums. The buildings of the old mining company, which date from 1786, will be added to the main museums complex, but the renovation will be difficult.


  • Uwe Kolitsch who works in the crystallography section at the University of Vienna, will be the succcessor to Dr. Gerd Niedermayr at the Museum of Natural Sciences Vienna in a part time capacity. Uwe also announced that special software for the cataloguing of minerals (Imdas-Pro 3.0) is being developed.


  • J.C.Boulliard of University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France) reported on the move of the famous University collections to a new location (Audiovision, CD-ROM for visitors).

  • Am�d�e Djemai of the Ecole des Mines (School of Mines), Paris, a teacher in technical mineralogy, is working on �nanomineralogy themes�. A new exhibition about the Etna Volcanic Complex is in preparation. Lydie Touret, also of the Ecole des Mines, has begun a project to digitize the catalogue of the systematic mineral collection; 80,000 samples will be put on to the internet.

United Kingdom

  • Peter Davidson reported that the Scottish Mineral Collection of the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh has moved to a new location in the city. The mineralogical displays will be closed in Summer 2007 and will not reopen until 2011. At this stage is seems unlikely there will be mineralogical display in the new redevelopment.

Meeting Conclusion

The meeting closed at 5:00pm with the announcement that the next meeting will be on 2nd November 2007 in Munich.

Peter Davidson
SMMP European Coordinator
Department of Natural Sciences
National Museums of Scotland
Chambers Street
Edinburgh EH1 1JF

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