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14 February 2013
Tucson, Arizona


Board members present:  Virgil Lueth, Anna Domitrovic, Jean DeMouthe, Terry Ottaway, Tony Kampf, Julian Gray, Alan Hart, Katherine Dunnell (part)

3:30 pm called to order by President V. Lueth

VL went over the agenda for the general meeting. This includes the budget report & committee reports (the usual stuff).  

AD reported that we had gotten back ½ of the $3,000 stolen in 2012.  Wells Fargo had stopped responding to her inquiries, and she would like to switch the accounts to the Pima Credit Union in Tucson.

VL made a motion to authorize AD to move the SMMP accounts. This was seconded and passed unanimously.

JD said she would report on the status of the Calif State mineral museum for the general meeting.

VL said there would be a new person in charge of special exhibits in Denver, Whitey Hagedorn. And both Tucson and Denver are working on replacing the lights in all their exhibit cases.

JD (education comm.) will discuss Denver show & tourmaline-related case possibilities (pseudomorphs, unusual localities, oddities)

TK brought up the listserver archives and will begin a conversation on this in the general meeting. Do people want them? Are they useful?

Meeting adjourned at 3:56 pm.



Meeting called to order at 4:03 pm by President Lueth.

Lueth welcomed members and guests, and asked everyone present to sign the attendance log being circulated during the meeting. Individuals introduced themselves around the room.

VL called for a vote on the Denver minutes, which was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved without corrections.

Domitrovic gave the treasurer's report. As of 1 February, there was $4,651.40 in the Wells Fargo brokerage account. Exact totals for the business accounts (checking & savings) were not available due to communication difficulties with the bank and on-going resolution of last year's theft. She related that the SMMP Board had approved moving all accounts to the Pima Federal Credit Union.

AD reported that there are 190 members, only 32 of whom are current with their dues through 2012 or after. She encouraged members to pay their dues. It was suggested that unpaid members get a note to remind them, since the membership roster on the web site will be purged of non-payers after Tucson.

Collection/Curator committee: DeMouthe reported that the California state collection (California State Mining & Mineral Museum in Mariposa) is still in business. The money woes of State Parks were relieved by many private donations, and later were found to be only partly as bad as initially reported (they found more money).

Education Committee: DeMouthe said that the case here in Tucson is on Unusual Fluorites, and asked for ideas for the Denver show case.  She said that the Denver theme in 2013 will be tourmalines, and for Tucson 2014 it will be gems & precious metals.

Peter Davidson said that there will be an SMMP meeting at the Munich show in the fall. He again suggested that SMMP create a FaceBook page, which would help improve our communications among all members, in the US and elsewhere. He reported that 2014 will be the UNESCO "year of crystallography." (ed. note: this resolution can be found at:

The 7th International Conference on Mineralogy and Museums was held in 2012 in Dresden, Germany. The next one will probably be in Asia; either Japan or China, in 2016.

Mary Johnson reported that she had sent out a questionnaire via the listserver in the fall, and will eventually provide a summary, which is not finished yet.

Larry Havens reported that Whitey Hagedorn would be the new liaison between special exhibitors and the Denver show committee. Participants should hear from him right after Tucson.

Tony Kampf initiated a conversation on whether past listserver discussions should be made available on the web site, and if so, how that might be organized.

Alan Hart encouraged a review of the past listserver messages before they are released, as some of those conversations may contain information not suitable for the public. VL suggested a vote, and George Harlow motioned that we table the issue until we have more information. VL said he would look into this and would bring up the subject again in Denver.

The election was held for three board members. There were only three nominations, and elected by acclaimation were Katherine Dunnell, Tony Kampf, and Jean DeMouthe.

Following the general meeting, officers were chosen from among the board. Board terms are from February to February, with elections always held at the Tucson meeting. Board members' terms are for three years.

Virgil Lueth


2012 - 2015

Katherine Dunnell

vice president

2013 - 2016

Anna Domitrovic


2012 - 2015

Jean DeMouthe


2013 - 2016

Tony Kampf

board member, web master

2013 - 2016

Julian Gray

board member

2011 - 2014

Alan Hart

board member

2012 - 2015

Terry Ottoway

board member

2011 - 2014

Penny Williamson

board member

2011 - 2014

The meeting was adjourned at 4:51 pm.

 * * *

Program: history and description of the new Perot Museum of Natural Science in Dallas, Texas, presented by Gail and James Spann

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