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Minutes of the Board Meeting on September 16, 1994 at Denver, Colorado

Board members present: Susan Eriksson, Tony Kampf, Joe Nagel, Jean DeMouthe, Pat Gray, Jim Hurlbut

General members present: Jack Murphy

Board members absent: George Harlow, Carl Francis, Dave Thayer

The meeting was called to order a 1:35 pm by Jean DeMouthe, secretary.

The agenda for the upcoming general meeting was discussed, members were designated to discuss certain items during that meeting.

There was discussion of SMMP-sponsored exhibits. The feeling of the group was that our goals are to promote conservation and responsibility among interested members of the public. but this should not be done using specimen exhibits. The Society should put out a poster or table at Tucson & Denver describing the group and its goals. It was suggested that the Society request a lecture time at the Tucson and Denver shows for lectures or presentations by SMMP members on museum and conservation issues that would be of interest to the public and to other mineralogists.

This subject would be brought up at the general meeting and suggestions solicited.

A question was raised regarding the possibility of establishing or becoming part of an existing electronic bulletin board.

The general meeting at Tucson was discussed in terms of agenda and program. It was the opinion of all members present that there should be some kind of program associated with the meeting. A meeting that is nothing but Society business is viewed as tedious and may eventually drive away members who might otherwise attend.

Jack Murphy raised a question about the policy statement collection that Dave Thayer put together. It was agreed that it is time to update this document.

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm.

Minutes of the General Business Meeting on September 16, 1994 at Denver, Colorado

Number of members present: 26

The meeting was called to order a 2:05 pm by secretary Jean DeMouthe.

Each member stood & introduced himself, giving his professional association.

Anna Domitrovic, acting for treasurer David Thayer, gave a summary of the treasurer's report (attached).

Pat Gray urged everyone who has an e-mail address or who has changes to make in the membership directory to contact her. DeMouthe reminded everyone to think about paying dues; Anna would take money.

Tony Kampf described recent activities of the IMA, and reported that Carl Francis is now the American representative to the Museum Committee. Tony stated that the new world directory of mineralogists (3rd edition) has been completed and is to be produced by the Mineralogical Record. It was not, however, ready in time for distribution at the Denver show. The type specimen project is still underway, and Tony urged anyone having mineral types of any kind to contact him.

Jean DeMouthe reported on the production of an abstract for a poster session at the IMA meeting in Pisa, and explained why various board members were not present. The gist of the abstract was related but it was not read in its entirety because it had been produced in the last newsletter. Tony Kampf reported that the Pisa meeting went well, and that SMMP sponsored a social event which was well-attended.

DeMouthe also displayed the new logo and made membership applications available.

Bill Metropolis made an announcement regarding the 3rd International Conference on Minerals and Museums, to be held in 1996 in Budapest. He made brochures available.

Russ Kemp of the Lizzadro museum reported on a theft that occurred in January 1994 from the Headley-Whitney museum in Lexington, Kentucky. About 130 sculptures and objects d'art, many of which were of gold and contained gemstone, were stolen. None of these specimens have yet been found. Kemp urged anyone who thinks they might be approached with this sort of material to contact the museum in Kentucky for an inventory.

Jean DeMouthe reported on thefts from the California Academy of Sciences that had taken place over the last year while portions of their collection were stored in an area under renovation.

Susan Eriksson led a discussion of SMMP exhibits and education. Many members contributed with suggestions and opinions. The following is a summary of the points generally agreed upon by the majority of those present:

  • rather than putting exhibits into shows, SMMP should present lectures or educational programs for its members and the public
  • SMMP should ask the Tucson & Denver show committees for a lecture time slot that would remain the same each year, for presentations on museum and conservation issues
  • SMMP minutes: 16 September 1994 page 2
  • SMMP should share its educational resources internally (label texts, ideas)
  • SMMP should become active in an e-mail bulletin board
  • a poster should be created containing the SMMP logo, mission statement and membership requirements, which will then be placed prominently at the larger mineral shows.
  • SMMP should produce short, 1-page fliers or brochures on museum- or conservation-related subjects for distribution (free) to the public at shows.
  • motion: It was moved (Murphy) that SMMP should not create exhibits or become involved in the production or evaluation of exhibits by others, and that the Society should concentrate on education. Seconded (Nagel). No discussion. Vote: aye 22, nay 2, abstain 2.

Joe Nagel led a vote of thanks from the SMMP to Jack Murphy, Ginny Mast and Barbara for putting together the fine SMMP-sponsored exhibit at this show.

The question of new badges arose and a general vote was taken. The unanimous opinion was that new badges are not necessary. It was decided that temporary badges be made available at meetings for visitors and anyone who feels the need.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:38 pm.

Minutes prepared & submitted 29 September 1994 by J. DeMouthe, secretary.

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