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Minutes of the Board Meeting on September 15, 1995 at Denver, Colorado

Board members present: George Harlow. Carl Francis, Joe Nagel, Jean DeMouthe, Jim Hurlbut

General members present: Jack Murphy, Susan Eriksson

Board members absent: Tony Kampf, Dmitri Belakovskii, Ferdinand Damaschun, Jeffrey Post, Dave Thayer

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 pm by president George Harlow.

Susan Eriksson reported on the plans for Sunday's 2hour workshop: short sessions on labeling, cataloguing and other collectionrelated subjects; with time for questions in between; planning meeting was scheduled for after the 2 pm general meeting.

The treasurer's report was given by Jim Hurlbut, to wllom it had been mailed by treasurer Dave Thayer.

Carl Francis said that he is in the process of developing a program for the Tucson meeting, and will have a slate of officers for the election at that time. On behalf of Bill Metropolis, he reported that there have been no reports of stolen specimens.

Contacts for displays or activities at the upcoming GSA and AGU meetings have not yet been made. DeMouthe and Francis will do this soon.

Harlow reported that the Mineralogical Society of America will have a table at the Tucson show, and that they want SMMP members to share table time for a "meet the curators" period.

The SMMP web page is in the works (Harrow & Nagel). A request was made for volunteer(s) to manage web server.

Request have been received from outside the Society for our mailing list, for commercial purposes. Harlow said that this would not be a good idea, but that we can make the list available to members through the internet. The newsletter may also be available on the net.

Eriksson suggested that the Society publicly, at the general meeting, acknowledge Sandy Walden's work over the years as the coordinator of special exhibits at the Denver show. This was unanimously approved. A collection was also taken up for a gift for Sandy.

The M&M3 meeting will be in Budapest in June 1996. Several people said that they will be attending.

Minutes of the General Business Meeting on September 15, 1995 at Denver, Colorado

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm by George Harlow, President.

Harlow thanked Sandy Walden for her years of work as coordinator of special exhibits. Carol Smith, who is taking over this job in 1996, was introduced by Sandy Walden.

Harlow discussed the M&M3 meeting, which will be in Budapest in June 1996. He made available the field trip schedule, and said that the second flier will be out soon.

The treasurer's report was summarized by Harlow, since Thayer was not in attendance. As of 6/30, the Society had $6,918.10 in assets. This does not include the dues payments made in response to the notice sent to members in August.

DeMouthe displayed the new membership list and asked for corrections. The revised list will be sent to the members after October 1st. She also put out a list of members who are arrears in their dues, and explained that those not paid for 1995 will be dropped from the mailing list of I October.

Harlow reported that although Ferdinand Damaschun has agreed to act as European liaison for monetary transactions within the Society, nothing has been done about this as yet.

Harlow said that the web server is almost ready to go. It will be a source of information and a forum for members of SMMP. Initially, it will contain a statement of purpose, possibly the abstract from the Pisa meeting, and the stolen mineral hot-line. Later, a website list of the membership will be established, as well as other services. SMMP needs to find someone who will act as a web site manager. Nagel is setting it up, but does not have time to act as manager. Nagel discussed what web management means, and said that SMMP will have to raise about $3,000 to 5,000 to set it up professionally. Faller said that the Peabody Museum has a systems manager who does this, and she will ask him about donating his time or giving advice.

Eriksson reported on the planned Sunday workshop on collectioncare. It will consist of short presentations, some with slides, by designated speakers, with questions and discussion from the audience (general public). SMMP members were encouraged to attend and participate.

Eriksson also said that the planned SMMP tabletop display is not done. We will have to pay someone to make it, and members will have to write the brief brochures/handouts that are to go with it.

Eriksson reported that the Colburn Mineral Museum in Asheville, NC is looking for a director/curator. She also distributed a poll from Rocks and Minerals regarding calcite localities, and she resigned as the chair of the Education Committee, effective following Sunday's workshop.

Francis said on behalf of Bill Metropolis that there have been no new reports of stolen minerals. He also promised to assemble a slate of officers for the Tucson election. He proposed a program for the Tucson annual meeting on "what do we collect and why?"

Harlow said that members would be contacting the GSA (Francis) and AGU (DeMouthe) regarding a forum at these meetings for the SMMP. In Tucson, the MSA will have a table and wants the SMMP to be there for "meet the curators". He encouraged members to participate, but no time has yet been established.

It was suggested that the SMMP hold a similar workshop at the Tucson meeting. The topic addressed in Denver, "caring for collections at home", will be repeated there.

The SMMP document on radioactive minerals was discussed. Faller reported that Marc Wilson (Carnegie) had offered to help with finishing this project. It was generally agreed that this is a valuable document and that it should be finished ASAP. It should be worded in such a way as to be useful to anyone, professional or amateur, who deals with radioactive minerals.

Harlow pointed out that the SMMP statements on collection policy are now out of date, and a new set should be accumulated from the members. .Also, due to a lack of news, the newsletter will continue at 2 per year. It will, however, have a new, improved appearance. Pat Gray asked about the cost of upgrading the newsletter, and Harlow said that it was a matter of a few hundred dollars at most, since it only involved buying new software for the editor.

The M&M3 meeting in Budapest was discussed. Harlow asked for suggestions on possible SMMP participation. At the IMA meeting in Pisa, the Society had a poster session and hosted a wine/mineral water evening event, at a cost of about $200. Harlow reported that both things were well-received and resulted in the addition of a number of new members, He suggested that the Society host a social event at the Budapest meeting. Eriksson moved that this be done, Nagel seconded, and it passed with no votes against.

Meeting adjourned at 2:53 pm.

WORKSHOP: Care for Collections at Home: 1 3 pm, Sunday, September 17, 1995

This workshop was open to the public attending the Denver mineral show, and was held in the large meeting room at the Merchandise Mart, adjacent to the dealers' area. Six members of the SMMP were designated speakers, and other members participated in the general discussion. Each presenter spoke for 15 or 20 minutes, some using slides and examples of specimens and materials. The program consisted of the following speakers:

  • Susan Eriksson - introduction & the importance of collection data
  • Ginny Mast - storage and handling of specimens
  • Dorothy Ettensohn - labeling and conservation materials
  • Virgil Lueth - cataloguing
  • Jean DeMouthe - toxic minerals
  • Ellen Faller - radioactive minerals

The workshop was wellattended and a number of people stayed for the entire 2 hours and beyond. Other SMMP members contributed their expertise and experience during the discussions between talks.

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