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Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting on February 13, 1998 at Tucson, Arizona

Directors' Meeting - 1:00 PM

Present: Jean DeMouthe, Pres., Jeffrey Post, VP, George Harlow, Sec., Anna Domitrovic, Treas., Dmitriy Belakovskiy, James Hurlbut, Anthony Kampf, Virgil Lueth, Mark Wilson,

Pres. DeMouthe called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM. She thanked Anna Domitrovic for her efforts to make the Society legal with its present name. A short period of adulation followed.

Treas. Domitrovic distributed copies of the notice published in three consecutive times in the Tucson newspaper and suggested getting a post box in Tucson to make maintaining our incorporation in Arizona easy in the future, regardless of the officers location. A motion was made to authorize getting a post box and carried unanimously. She discussed our current finances (see report) and suggested placing some of our funds in an interest bearing account. Sec. Harlow moved that the treasurer be given authority to split our funds between an interest bearing account and a checking account in whatever manner best bal-ances income and expenses. The motion was sec-onded and approved unanimously. Communication among the directors and board via email was dis-cussed, and a motion was made and unanimously ap-proved for Treas. Domitrovic to acquire access to an online service until her institution (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum) gains access to email for its employees.

Pres. DeMouthe raised the subject of the forthcoming IMA meeting in Toronto–Aug. 9-14–and SMMP's sponsoring refreshments and a get-together during a poster session, as it did in Pisa in 1994. A motion was made and approved for the president to investigate and arrange such an event. Next, the annual GSA/ MSA meeting–Oct. 26-29–also to be held in Toronto, was discussed. It was generally agreed that hosting some type of gathering, perhaps in coordination with the ROM at the museum, would be a good idea and should be explored.

Pres. DeMouthe inquired of George Harlow, MSA liaison, of any outstanding activities or initiatives. He reminded the directors of the idea to have the MSA adopt a policy of deposition of minerals (and other ma-terials) described in articles in the American Mineralogist at a recognized collection/museum where they will be available for science. He said he had been advised to approach the editors but acknowledged he dropped the ball. He will revive the inquiry with the editors and then the Council of MSA and push the same agenda with CAM and NSF.

Pres. DeMouthe asked Virgil Lueth about the status of orphan collections (and curators). He reported that the future of the Ouray (CO) County Museum was in doubt with the departure of Barbara Muntyan, the director and one-person band. Jeff Post raised the question of the Cranbrook Institute upon the death of director Dan Appleman. The Board agreed to raise the issue at the general meeting before deciding upon a plan of action.

Lost/Stolen Specimens: A report is to be delivered at the general meeting.

New newsletter editor: It was agreed that upon the completion of the effort of Jim Hurlbut, editor for many years, that we seek to involve another member with the task. President DeMouthe reported that Mark Mauthner at the Pacific Mineral Museum Society (ex-UBC) had shown interest in the job.

Sunday Workshop demonstration: President DeMouthe reported that the workshop for Sunday was AOK according to organizer Ginny Mast.

Retiring members were polled about their willingness to continue on the board. The three, Dmitriy Belakovskiy, Jim Hurlbut, and Tony Kampf agreed to continue if nominated.

The Meeting was adjourned as the press of members appeared for the General Meeting at 2:00 PM.

General Meeting - 2:00 PM

President DeMouthe called the meeting to order at a few minutes passed 2:00 PM.

Members responded to the Roll Call with personal self-introductions; Joe Peters (AMNH) introduced his wife, Nancy.

Minutes of Denver meeting on 9/14/97. A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously adopted to dispense with a reading of the minutes.

President DeMouthe's report: Jean discussed her plan to continue the sponsoring of a exhibition by SMMP to present topics that present the theme of a workshop or other society public project, as with the case of fakes and treated specimens at this Tucson Show.

Treasurer's Report: Anna Domitrovic announced that we were now legal with our name change and set up with a working account. She discussed the details of her report to the Board (above). On the topic of accounts, it was agreed that she would investigate various liquid asset accounts to maximize the return on the society's funds. A general round of applause was offered by the members to Anna's stalwart efforts.

MSA Calendar: John Rakovan of the Mineralogical Society of America informed the society of MSA's plans to produce another calendar and his desires to work again with SMMP members to obtain images of specimens for this endeavor. He said he would be in contact with us in the future (I have a note about Charles Weiss but am not sure what it is about?)

Orphan Collections: Virgil discussed the problem with the loss of a director for the Ouray (Colorado) County Museum. A discussion followed on the problem of how the Society could best influence the Boards or administrations of such museums. Jeff Post extended the subject to the Cranbrook Institute and mention was made of the Field Museum. Jeff said he would be involved with discussions with Cranbrook, and there was a general agreement for a need for a plan from the officers or board (Wasn't that the gist of our non-action?)

Stolen Specimens: In addition to the theft of specimens from the personal collection of Wayne and Donna Leicht, mention was made of the theft of specimens of the Smithsonian and Gene Meieran from the special exhibition case at the Tucson exhibition last year.

SMMP Directory: Jean DeMouthe announced that new directories of the membership would be in the mail for all PAID-UP members. Hint, hint.

Sunday Workshop Demonstration: As reported in the January Newsletter, Ginny Mast has organized a program entitled "Imitation, treated, and repaired specimens" to be held at the Convention Center from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Sunday. In addition a case with examples from several member's institution's collections was presented in a 4-foot exhibition case. President DeMouthe led the members in hearty thanks to Ginny for another Workshop well organized and certainly destined to be a success.

Gem Artists of North America Exhibition: (I only vaguely remember that Suzanne Cowan spoke about a traveling exhibition of gem carvers' materials. Anyone got more beef?)

Collection Standards Document: Jean DeMouthe discussed the need for our discipline to establish a document of standards for information on and conservation of mineral specimens, such has been developed by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists. She emphasized the demands required by AAM and funding sources, as well as potential funding by the National Science Foundation in the U.S. She said she would work with volunteer members to start organizing the process.

New Business: Jean DeMouthe announced the change in the editorship of the Society's Newsletter from Jim Hurlbut to Mark Mauthner at the Pacific Mineral Museum Society. The president and members extended their thanks to Jim Hurlbut for his years of dedication to the newsletter.

Election of new Board Members: Nominations for the Board included Dmitriy Belakovskiy, Jim Hurlbut, Tony Kampf, Mark Mauthner, and Ginny Mast. Secret ballot by the members present elected Tony Kampf, Mark Mauthner, and Ginny Mast.

Election of Officers: The board members went off into a huddle and returned with the news that the officers would continue in their present positions.

Announcements: The annual La Rancherita Flan fest for that evening was announced.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM

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