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Minutes of the Board Meeting on September 18, 1998 at Denver, Colorado

Pres. DeMouthe called the meeting to order at 1:58 pm, and reported on the IMA meeting and related SMMP reception. Minutes were taken by DeMouthe, in the absence of secretary George Harlow.

Carl Francis, president of the IMA Museums Committee, spoke about the type specimen catalog currently being put together. Tony Kampf, US representative on that committee, encouraged members to send lists of their types.

Following the introduction of members and guests, treasurer Anna Domitrovic presented a half-year report on SMMP finances.

Ginny Mast, chair of the Education Committee, reported that since the Sunday afternoon programs have not been well-attended, SMMP will abandon them, at least for awhile, and seek other venues for educational activities. The SMMP exhibit cases have been very well-received and we will continue them at both Tucson and Denver.

Jeffrey Post, V.P. and program chair, suggested that meteorites might be a good topic for the Tucson program. Joe Peters suggested traveling exhibits as a topic, and the subject of donations and appraisals was also raised. An informal vote was taken and the meteorites topic was chosen.

DeMouthe read and distributed a letter written to SMMP by John Sinkankas (reproduced in this newsletter). A lively discussion followed on the subjects of donations, tax laws, and the ethics of acquisition. Many members participated with opinions and reports of problems and possible solutions. Andrew Sicree suggested that SMMP ask an attorney to draw up a one-page summary of relevant IRS tax laws. This was discussed and a motion was made to this affect by A.S. and seconded by Bill Cook. A vote was taken and the motion was defeated. Jeff Post offered to ask the USNM legal council about this subject. Other members also offered to discuss this with their institution's lawyers upon returning home.

Andrew Sicree described an episode of spec-imen theft in which the items were returned, but that they had been damaged by the police during handling. He encouraged people who have things stolen to warn the agencies involved about how fragile minerals are.

Mark Mauthner, new SMMP editor, reported on the status of the newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:12 pm.

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