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Editor: James F. Hurlbut

The Fall Meeting will be held in Denver on Friday Sept. 16, 1994 at the Denver Show. The SMMP Board will meet from 1:30 to 2:00. The meeting of the general membership will be from 2:00 until 3:00. The agenda will be as follows, and members are to contact one of the executive board if they want to add any items:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Adoption of Agenda
  4. Minutes of Tucson, Meeting
  5. President's Report
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment

The current Officers and board members are:

  • Pres. - Dr. George E. Harlow
  • V.P. - Dr. Carl A. Francis
  • Sec. - Dr. Jean DeMouthe
  • Treas. - David Thayer
  • Bd. - Dr. Ferdinand Damaschun
  • Bd. - Dr. Susan C Eriksson
  • Bd. - Patricia A. Gray
  • Bd. - Dr. Jeffrey Post
  • Bd. - Dr. Anthony R. Kampf (omitted in original version of newsletter)


As I write this the summer appears to be moving too fast with respect to accomplishments and too slow w.r.t. ending the heat and humidity. However, things are moving along and progress occurs.

IMA Meeting In Pisa, Italy, Sept. 4 - 9: As some of us gear up for IMA in September, I can tell you that SMMP will have a presence there and I hope we can get together, at least informally. Jean DeMouthe, Carl Francis and I drafted an abstract for the "Mineralogical Museums and Science" session which was accepted and will be up on Wednesday afternoon (copy attached). In addition SMMP is sponsoring a hospitality beverage table during the posters on Wednesday, and we are generously being assisted by Natale Perchiazzi, curator of the mineralogical collections of the Natural History Museum of Pisa University. For those of you who get this in time and are going to be in Pisa, I expect you to visit the table and talk up SMMP with our colleagues. The goal of the whole enterprise is to gain some recognition, discuss issues, get some ideas, maybe sign up some new members, and taste la dolce vita.

SMMP Meeting at Denver, Sept. 16: The meeting is scheduled for Friday afternoon in the Merchandise Mart; for exact information check around at the show. I will still be in Italy looking for high pressure minerals and Carl Francis will be holding down the fort in Cambridge; so it will be up to our Secretary and Treasurer to manage the meeting. Susan Eriksson has agreed to lead a discussion of her committee's activities and the what the membership would like to have happen (see below).

Affiliations with Mineral Societies: As my first action as liaison to MSA I have submitted an entry on SMMP for the Lattice, MSA's newsletter. It identifies ourselves, our mission, and some of our activities. It suggests that researched specimens should be deposited in safe institutional collections and points at possible joint educational projects.

Committee on Exhibition and Education: We discussed having a committee to sponsor SMMP exhibits (contributions from institutions with SMMP members and potentially nonaffiliated collectors or institutions). Susan Eriksson has agreed to chair a committee on exhibition and education with Joe Nagel and Bill Cook as members and the president as an exofficio member. One of the committee's jobs is to review proposals for such exhibitions for official SMMP endorsement. The committee should judge that the content of the exhibit meets credible standards of scientific or historic content and provide some guidance. Also, the committee will consider potential educational programs and activities of SMMP. An important part of the Society's activities are to service the membership with programs relating to our field as well as reaching out to large audiences. Susan will lead a discussion in Denver on the topics and directions most appropriate for immediate attention and how these should best be carried out.

Detroit Show: Dan Appleman, director of the Cranbrook Institute of Science has volunteered to sponsor a SMMP get together during that show. Any of you who will be attending should talk to Dan about the viability of a Detroit meeting. Dan can be reached at 8106453260 or <>.

GSA Meeting: I assume some of you are going, I am not and do not have any information to bring up before Council unless we want to propose a unenforceable policy that descnbed samples published in American Mineralogist, like type specimens, should have a portion deposited in a viable institutional mineral collection.

Mineralogical Symposium in Lisbon, December 5 - 10: There will be a symposium in Lisbon celebrating the reopening of the Mineralogy Hall of the National Museum of Natural History with representation by many museums worldwide. SMMP will sponsor a regional meeting there to encourage contact and membership among nonNorth American curators and mineralogists. We do not know when it will be held, but if you will be in i isbon contact one of the officers or board members for specifics.

Networking: Use of the internet expands daily and will certainly become an important means of communication and conducting inter-museum/institution activities. If you have access now, make sure that I <> and Richard Herd <> know so you can be on the list for news or communications. You will also receive a list of members on email who have made their addresses known.

Carnegie Mineralogical Award: We have been informed by James King, Director of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History that the Carnegie has decided to move the selection process for the award into the Museum. We have been thanked for our contributions to the success and recognition of the award and its success in making people aware of the Hillman Hall of Minerals. I am sure we all hope and expect a bright future for the award and awardees.

I encourage you to attend the meeting at Denver if you will be attending the Show. While a single institutional representative is a must, there is room and need for many participants. I look forward to seeing some of you in Pisa and, otherwise, at a later time.

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