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Editor: James F. Hurlbut

The Fall Meeting will be held in Denver on Friday Sept. 15, 1995 at the Denver Show. The SMMP Board will meet from 1:30 to 2:00. The meeting of the general membership will be from 2:00 until 3:00. Members can contact one of the executive board if they have an item for the agenda.

On Sunday Sept. 17 at 1 pm SMMP is sponsoring a public workshop at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. The topic, "Caring for Your Mineral Collection" will focus on simple ways that a lay person can build a collection that has long term value, i.e. has adequate information, labeling, preservation, etc. Members of SMMP will present 15 to 20 minute lectures emphasizing the standards in the profession and how this can be implemented at home.

Susan Eriksson requests that all members of SMMP who can attend the workshop volunteer to provide extra resources for the attendees.


Greetings from the torrid Big Apple. Not only is the globe warming here, but the office air conditioner has bitten the dust for a week. Hope I and my computer survive. Our SMMP meeting at the Denver Shoe in the Merchandise Mart, is as described above. The information desk can direct you to the meeting room. I expect to be there barring unforeseen circumstances. I expect that reports will be made on progress with the table top Information panel and brochure being developed by Susan Eriksson and committee.

Affiliations with Mineral Societies: As you may be aware, I am the liaison with the Mineralogical Society of America, and my only act so far was to write a note in the Lattice. I have talked with John Rakovan of SUNY Stoney Brook who will be heading up MSA's activities at the Tucson Show. He is hoping to have a table during the show to promote MSA and was wondering if some joint curator members might be willing to come to the MSA table for a moment to "meet the curators" (beat the curators?). I know we are all busy but ultimately as mineralogists (in general) we all have an interest in promoting mineralogy; thus I think that we should be supportive. John was also inquiring about what we might do to bridge the gap between professional mineralogists, MSA, and collectors and amateurs. We should discuss this in Denver and came up with some potential project for the two societies. I think that any ideas with respect to MSA will have to come from MSA's rankandfile, like us.

European Representative: Ferdinand Damaschun of the Museum der Naturkund in Berlin agreed to be our European representative to handle membership and mailings. We hope to have him set up for business in September, maybe with Gerhard Neidenmeyer's translations of our output into German.

GSA meeting: I assume some of you are going, as I will be. There may be some issues to bring up before MSA council, as alluded to earlier. We may want to emphasize the important role that the American Mineralogist plays in publishing mineral descriptions, structures and like collectionsbased research. We might also think about suggesting a policy that described samples published in the American Mineralogist, like type specimens, should have a portion deposited in a viable institution mineral collection, an idea that I suggested last year. We hope to have an SNMP event, if we can convince someone at the University of New Orleans, probably Skip Simmons to do the logistics.

Fall AGU Meeting: Jean DeMouthe agreed to work on getting something going for the San Francisco meeting. Anyone who will be likely to be there should let her know so she can plan accordingly (i.e., draft you for assistance).

Surfing the Internet: We agreed to establish a home page via the afforts of Joe Nagel. I am working on some basic information to go in it and Joe should be working on it in the near future. Again, put on your thinking caps about what you would like (and not like) to see in a web server. Do we want to list Museums or their home pages? How about members? (Remember, that anyone can get at it.)

  • George E. Harlow <>
  • Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences, A.M.N.H.
  • Central Park West at 79th St.
  • New York, NY 100245192
  • Phone (212) 7695378; Fax (212) 7695339


No current reports. Submit reports to

  • Bill Metropolis
  • Harvard Mineralogical Museum
  • 24 Oxford Street
  • Cambridge MA 02138
  • Phone (617) 4954758; Fax (617) 4958839.

Please contact Susan at or (540) 231-5360, if you can help with the workshop. Lets make this first try at a public program a successful one!

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