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Editor: James F. Hurlbut


Greetings from the white (SNOW) and brown (SLUSH) Big Apple. Global Warming is obviously on holiday.

Tucson meetings at Desert Sonora Museum: Friday Feb. 9, 8AM - 9:30 Board meeting with breakfast. 9:45 General membership meeting followed by a presentation on "What and Why do we collect" concluding with lunch. The meeting is scheduled for Friday morning. Although we do not like the idea of having conflicting meeting times, this is the best we can do. There will be a variety of things to discuss, some of which is alluded to below.

Affiliations with Mineral Societies: As noted in my July communication, I would like to improve our effectiveness via liaisons to other societies. With respect to the Mineralogical Society of America, John Rakovan of SUNY Stony Brook, is heading up MSA's activities at the Tucson show. He will have a table during the show to promote MSA and has "convinced" some of us to come to the MSA table for an hour to meet the curators. He will also make a brief presentation during our SMMP meeting to discuss some immediate and long term joint projects. There is some discussion in MSA about improving outreach to students and the public, one of the themes in Gordon Brown's presidency. One suggestion is to have brochures/pamphlets made up about the mineral sciences and MSA to be distributed/sold at museums. I have suggested Museum loci equivalents to the MSA Lecture Series that goes to colleges. These are obviously topics for us to be involved with and talk about.

European Representative: Ferdinand Damaschun of the Museum der Naturkund in Berlin "is" our European representative to handle memberships and mailings. However, we are still awaiting communication from him.

GSA meeting: We had a very small get-together at GSA in New Orleans where a small contingent of Canadian mineralogists appeared. One actually joined. However, without free eats or free minerals, it was not very enticing. We need to work on these meetings at meetings to give them some drawing power.

Surfing the Internet: We agreed to establish a home page via the efforts of Joe Nagel. However, Joe's operation at U.B.C. has been terminated, so we need to look for another home and manager. Anyone who is familiar with html and looking to be helpful is encouraged to volunteer their services. Otherwise, we will have to discuss how to proceed at Tucson.

M&M3: 3rd International Conference on Mineralogy and Museums: Most of you are probably aware of this conference to be held in Budapest from June 9-13, 1996 with field trips before and after. It is sponsored by the IMA (and several commissions), the Ministry of Culture and various Hungarian scientific and museum organizations. If you don't, correspond to M&M 3 Secretariat, c/o Hungarian Geological Society, Budapest -- fax +36 1 266 7952 or email: SMMP will be involved and a number of representatives will be present. It should be very interesting and a chance to meet our European colleagues.

Museum Dies at University of British Columbia: As I mentioned above, the Department of Geological Sciences at U.B.C. has terminated Joe Nagel which means the shop is closed, the Geological Museum is gathering dust, and no one is watching after the mineral collection. I have heard Joe's side of the story but not the Department's, so cannot say much more. This does not bode well for the Mineralogical/Geological Museum world, in general, and particularly for those that are an appendage of a University or College. I will get some more information before the Tucson meeting, but I would like to have some discussion about the nature of this university-museum-collection problem at the meeting and formulate an official response and plan.

George E. Harlow, Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences, A.M.N.H., Central Park West at 79th St., NY, NY 10024-5339, Ph (212)769-5378 Fax (212)769-5339


Mark Wilson of the Carnegie Museum has written a report on radioactive minerals in Museum collections which is enclosed for information. I would like to have more items of interest to print in our newsletter.

Ginny Mast of the Colorado School of Mines has sent in their Procedures for Management of Radioactive Mineral Specimens. A copy is attached.

Susan Eriksson has arranged a Symposium for Tucson, in the Turquoise Ballroom from 1 - 3 on Sunday February 11th. The title is "Caring for your collection at home". It will be open to the Public. She would like to have curators in attendance to help answer questions. She will be contacting people about this program.

Carl Francis is preparing the program for the SMMP membership meeting in Tucson.

Susan Eriksson has been asked to prepare an article on museums and the internet for Rocks and Minerals. She is requesting that members send information on what your organization is doing with regard to the internet. Home pages, email, etc.


Nothing to report at this time.


Since the 1995 membership directory was mailed to everyone in November. Please check your entry for accuracy, and send any corrections to Jean DeMouthe, SMMP secretary, or give them to her at the Tucson meeting. An updated version will be issued immediately after Tucson. This will be the definitive 1996 directory, which will be good through the 1997 Tucson meeting. Please get your corrections in promptly.


September Meeting Minutes are enclosed. Treasurers report summary for January thru June 30, 1995. Beginning Balance: $6,908.80, Expenses: $638.03, Income: $647.33, leaving a total balance of $6,918.10 as of June 30, 1995.


1996 Dues are due. Please send them to Dave Thayer or bring them to the Tucson Meeting. Mail checks or money orders cash will be accepted at the Tucson meeting. Annual Dues are $10.00.

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