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Date: Friday, 14 February 1997
Time: Board Meeting: 12:00 (Buckley Room)
General Meeting: 1:00 (Gold Rm)
Place: Quality Hotel & Suites, 475 North Granada, Tucson, Arizona (nr. I10/St. Mary's intersection)

Check the hotel's announcement board when you arrive; they may give us a larger room for the general meeting.

A symposium on mineral exhibitions & goals will follow immediately after the general meeting. Please plan to stay after the meeting to enjoy and participate.

All meetings will be over no later than 4:00 pm.


The symposium will immediately follow the annual general meeting at the Quality Hotel & Suites. Jeffrey Post has put together a program on "Mineral Exhibitions: Goals & Purposes".

A number of SMMP members will be participating with VERY brief (6 minute) presentations on their exhibits and goals. Most presenters will show photos of their museums and collections, and they will discuss the nature of the museum audience, goals of their exhibits, evaluation techniques and future plans (all in 6 minutes!). General discussion will follow.


Date: Sunday, 16 February 1997
Time: 1:00 to 2:30 pm
Place: Arena, Tucson Convention Center (on the main floor of the show, in the area formerly occupied by the wholesale dealers)
Subject: "Minerals that Fight & Minerals that Die!"

The Education Committee, headed by Ginny Mast, has organized a different kind of workshop this year. The format will be handson, informal, with audience participation encouraged.

The discussion and demonstrations will center on minerals that do not get along (i.e. sulfur & silver), minerals that should not get wet, minerals that fade, minerals that react with each other & their environment, etc.

Bring specimens for use in the demonstrations: show us your worst collection disasters!

Volunteers are still needed to help with this workshop. You do not have to stay the whole time; just come and talk, wave your arms around a bit, and answer questions.

If you can help, with your time or your specimens, please contact Ginny Mast at phone: 3032733823 or via email:


Your mailing label tells you the year for which your dues have been paid. If the number is 96, you are eligible to vote at the Tucson annual meeting, but your membership expires immediately after. If the number is 97 or higher, you have nothing to worry about!

Dues are still just $10, and can be paid to Anna Domitrovic at the meeting.


This year will be a great one for SMMP, as we continue to grow and expand our activities. We are becoming more active at shows, with workshops and lectures, the annual meeting is moving to a new venue, and the SMMP home page on the world wide web will soon be online.

SMMP offers its members unique opportunities to contribute to their profession and to the education of the public in mineralogy and collections care. Members who would like to participate in the Society should consider joining one of the standing committees (education, collections, computers), and working on the activities we sponsor at mineral shows and professional meetings. The heads of these committees are listed here and they would be very glad to hear from you.

Jean DeMouthe, President

Education Committee: Prepares educational materials & organizes symposia, lectures & demonstrations for other professional groups & for the public.

Chair: Ginny Mast (Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado 80401, phone: 3032733823; email:

Computer Committee: Works toward establishing an SMMP home page on the World Wide Web; acts as a focus & resource group for SMMP members wanting to work with collections on the Internet

Chair: Tony Kampf (Los Angeles Co. Mus. Nat. History, 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90007, 213744-3328; email:

Collection Committee: Keeps track of orphan collections & curators; prepares correspondence on behalf of SMMP to institutions having orphaned collections or other collectionrelated problems

Chair: Virgil Lueth (New Mexico Bureau of Mines, 801 Leroy Place, Socorro. New Mexico 87801, phone: 5058355140; email:


The Society would like to express our thanks to the staff and administration of the ArizonaSonora Desert Museum for hosting our meetings for so long. Time conflicts and rising costs have made it necessary for us to move the meeting back into town, but I hope you will all pay the museum a visit during your stay in Tucson.

Particular thanks go to Dave Thayer and Anna Domitrovic, who graciously acted as our hosts.


Thanks to the efforts of Tony Kampf and the other members of the Computer Committee, an SMMP home page has been designed for the World Wide Web.

This site will eventually include meeting minutes, text from symposia and workshops, newsletters, and a directory of members.

This will be discussed at the annual meeting, and samples of the sections that have already been completed will be displayed. If you are interested in the web site, bring your suggestions to the meeting, or contact Tony Kampf beforehand at phone 2137443328 or via email at


If you know of any specimens that have been lost or stolen during the last year, please let the Society know about it. A listing of missing specimens will be an important part of the SMMP Web page. This will also be discussed at the annual meeting.


The new membership directory will be mailed out before the Tucson meeting, and will also be distributed at the meeting to new members.

Only those members who have paid their 1996 dues before 1 January 1997 will be included in the directory.


Dave Thayer left the ArizonaSonora Desert Museum this year to pursue other career opportunities. He is no longer in the museum field, and so has resigned from SMMP's Board of Directors.

The Society appreciates Dave's years of service as board member and treasurer, and we hope he will keep in touch even though he is no longer in "the business."

Anna Domitrovic offered to act as interim treasurer, and she was approved in this post by a unanimous vote of members present at the Denver meeting.

A new treasurer will be chosen from the Board of Directors following the annual election on 14 February. We appreciate Anna's willingness to fill the gap during this time, and appreciate the time and effort she has put into the job.


The annual meeting will include an election of three new Board members. The retiring members are Ferdinand Damaschun, Jeffrey Post and Anna Domitrovic.

Please consider who you would like to see on the Board and be prepared with nominations. Board members are expected to be active participants in all Society programs and events.

If you plan to nominate someone, please talk it over with them first. They must be willing to be active participants in all Society programs and events, and to attend most Board meetings.

Members who will continue on the Board for at least one more year are: Dmitri Belakovskii, Jean DeMouthe, George Harlow, Jim Hurlbut, Tony Kampf, and Marc Wilson.

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