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You can now watch the Careers for Geoscientists Video for free via the web. The video is approximately 42 minutes in length, and is being provided as a streaming video option (Real or Windows Media). To view, please choose below the media player type you wish to use.

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The Careers for Geoscientists video introduces the breadth of scope of the geosciences, including atmosphere, oceans, and the solid-Earth. Through interviews with individual practicing geoscientists discussing current projects, the nature of a career working in the geosciences is revealed. A discussion of the opportunities and adventures of travel, working outdoors, and using state-of-the-art technology is presented through this rare glimpse into the work-a-day world of geoscientists.




Geoscientists interviewed include:

  • William Boicourt, Physical Oceanography, Center for Environmental Sciences
    • Studying currents in the Chesapeake Bay to determine how fish populations grow
  • Dan Denson, Exploration Petroleum Geologist, Texaco
    • Exploring for Oil in the Deep Waters off of Nigeria
  • Christopher Henry, Research Geologist, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
    • Developing Detailed Geologic Maps in Support of the economic and public safety needs of the State of Nevada
  • Kyle House, Geomorphologist, Desert Research Institute
    • Determining the ancient flood history of rivers in the Western US (even by using Beer Cans!)
  • Elizabeth Jones, Exploration Geologist, Kennecott Exploration Company
    • Exploring for Economic Gold Deposits
  • Bruce Molnia, Research Geologist, US Geological Survey
    • Examining Global Change issues on the Bering Glacier, Alaska
  • Jennifer Reber, Geochemist, Amoco Exploration and Production
    • Studying the Source Rocks of Petroleum, and Managing the Technology Issues of a Major Oil Company
  • Christopher Strong, Meteorologist, National Weather Service
    • Collecting Data and Developing and Issuing Weather Forecasts
  • John Van Wagoner, Stratigrapher, Exxon Production Research Company
    • Understanding Earth History Issues related to the development of petroleum exploration
  • Debra Williams, Environmental Geologist, City of Austin, Texas
    • Protecting the water quality of the City of Austin
  • Carole Wright, Geophysicist, Landmark
    • Developing Advanced Technology Solutions for Petroleum Exploration

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