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Currents 28:
K-12 Teachers and Geoscience Degrees

Geoscience Currents #28 reviews the trends in the highest degrees (type and discipline) of K-12 teachers at specific instructional levels (pre-kindergarten/kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school) between 1993 and 2006. Examination of these trends indicates a low representation of teachers with geoscience degrees. Considering that earth science education requirements are met by the majority of students in grades 6-8, the low representation of elementary school teachers with geoscience degrees is cause for concern in regards to the preparation of elementary students for mandatory earth science curriculum in the middle grades, and for priming their interest to take earth science courses in the higher grades. Furthermore, K-12 education provides an important formative stage in a studentís education, and the coursework to which students are exposed during this period (especially during high school) influences choices they make in regards to college majors. Read more in Geoscience Currents #28.



Question & Answer Session

Q: Which of the differences between 1993 and 2006 are statistically significant?
A: Significance tests within the reported data is unavailable because access to the raw population data is restricted.

Q: Are you merely making snap-shots of the situation or are you trying to promote a certain idea?
A: We are looking at two snap-shots of data to look at the change in degree trends over time.

Q: When and for whom was this presentation prepared? Whose attention do you want to draw to this issue?
A: The presentation was prepared for the Geoscience Currents discussion. The summary of this data can be found in Geoscience Currents #28 ( Our aim with the publication of the Geoscience Currents and the hosting of the Geoscience Currents Discussion webinars is to disseminate information about issues within the geosciences to the geoscience community and the general public.

Q:  Does the data include all 50 states?

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