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NAGT Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award

Each National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) section selects a section winner. Sections may also have State winners. Application forms are available here. The deadline varies with the eleven sections. In support of this award, AGI provides a copy of Big Ideas in Geoscience and an Earth Science week kit to all section awardees and an Earth Science week kit to each state awardee.

2012 Section OEST Awardees Included:
North Central Section: Paul Fechtmeister
Eastern Section: Edward Cohen
Pacific Northwest Section: Marie Carver
Texas Section: Julie Dyess Archer
Southeastern Section: Kevin McMahon
New England Section: Ray Pavik

2012 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Judy Suprenant
Marlyand: Willy Herrera
West Virginia: Richard Sharpe
New Jersey: Edward Cohen
Virginia: Dorthy Edwards
North Carolina: Beverly Owens
Louisiana: Angie Plaisance
South Carolina: Crystal Talley
Georgia: Kevin McMahon
Alaska: Jennifer Bacus
Oregon: Marie Carver
Tennessee: Chris Vanags

2011 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Northeast Section: Karen A. Saul
Eastern Section: Rosemarie Sanders
Pacific Northwest Section: Frank R. Hladky
Texas Section: Michael R. Brunt
Southeast Section: Valerie Willis
Southwest Section: Bonnie B. Dodge

2011 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Susan Sharp
Marlyand: Jeana Essery
West Virginia: Michelle Turner
New Jersey: Billy Goodman
Virginia: Virginia P. Greenlaw
North Carolina: Tim Martin
Louisiana: Barry J. Guillot
South Carolina: Valerie Willis
Georgia: Ann S. Lenderman
Alaska: Kathleen Galau
Oregon: Frank R. Hladky
Washington: Dorinda Belcher Hearn

2010 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: De Anna Tibben
Eastern Section: Heather H. McArdle
Pacific Northwest Section: Chris Hedeen
FarWest Section: Nick Crooker
Southeast Section: Bryan Freeman
Southwest Section: Laura Lukes
New England Section: Jennifer Judkins

2010 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Kim Ouderkirk
Alaska: David Gillam
Florida: Minerva Santerre
Georgia: Michael McClain
Iowa: De Anna Tibben
Indiana: Mark Ruckert
Louisiana: Chris Campbell
Maryland: Mona Becker
Minnesota: Kate Rosok
Mississippi: Brittany Brewer
New Jersey: Peter Dorofy
New York: Heather H. McArdle
North Carolina: Joshua David Roberts
Oregon: Mike Rockow
Pennsylvania: Karen Aucker
South Carolina: Jeanne Hartley
Tennessee: Bryan E. Freeman
Washington: Andrea Anderson
West Virginia: Kareen Borders

2009 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Dennis Dougherty
Eastern Section: Shelly Anne Witham
Pacific Northwest Section: Roger Groom
FarWest Section: Laura Hollister
Southeast Section: Cliff Hudson
Midcontinent Section: Richard Snyder
Southwest Section: Deborah Morgan
New England Section: Elisa D'Amore

2009 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alaska: Victor Trautman
Arizona: Wendy Barnett
New York: Renee Aubry
North Carolina: Cliff Hudson
Illinois: Charles Simer
Oregon: Roger Groom
Maryland: Nina VanKleeck
Pennsylvania: Verle Emanuelson
Michigan: Dennis Dougherty
South Carolina: Derenda Marshall
New Jersey: Shelly Anne Witham
Tennessee: Frances Hamilton
Utah: Deborah Morgan
Virginia: James Ruffa
Washington: Herb Bergamini
West Virginia: Pamela Casto
Wisconsin: Mike Steiner

2008 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Theresa Le Huckleberry
Eastern Section: John D. Moore
Pacific Northwest Section: Jeff Hashimoto
FarWest Section: Anna Foutz
Southeast Section: Tina Coleman
Southwest Section: Suzi Shoemaker
New England Section: Gregg Wachtelhausen

2008 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Jennifer Grant
Alaska: Adam Low
Florida: Kathryn Bylsma
Georgia: Rebecca E. Chunn
Idaho: Robert Walker
Illinois: Kelda N. Huston
Illinois-Honorable Mention: Charles Simer
Indiana: Teresa Huckleberry
Louisiana: Wendy DeMers
Maryland: Susan EP Phillips
Michigan: Chris Bolhuis
Minnesota-Honorable Mention: Jim Rock
New Jersey: John D. Moore
New York: Christopher Visco
North Carolina: Robert Greenbert
Oregon: Jamie Rumage
Pennsylvania: Richard W. Schmidt
South Carolina: Dina Ledford
Tennessee: Tina Coleman
Virginia: Christopher Kaznosky
Washington: Jeff Hashimoto
West Virginia:Tiffany Litton

2007 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Paul Varsho
Eastern Section: Debra Faulkner
Pacific Northwest Section: Clay Good
FarWest Section: Diane Kelsey
Southeast Section: Patricia Royle
Southwest Section: Carol Ticho
New England Section: David Eatough

2007 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Natalie Lane
Alaska: Clay Good
British Columbia: Chris Loewen
Deleware: Michael Smith
Florida: Tanya Camaratta
Georgia: William Witherspoon
Idaho: Mike Emory
Iowa: Amanda Rae Schiller
Louisiana: Michelle Brand-Buchanan
Maryland: Linda Murphy
Michigan- Honorable Mention: Sue Merrill
Minnesota-Honorable Mention: Cheryl Sill
Mississippi: Patti Brooks
New York: David Robison
North Carolina: Sam Fuerst
Ohio: Chantelle M. Rose
Pennsylvania: Tiffany Hays
Puerto Rico: Julio DeJesus
South Carolina: Ina Eaton
Tennessee: Patricia Royle
Virginia: Debra Faulkner
Washington: Sheila Guard
West Virginia: Stefan Smolski
Wisconsin: Paul Varsho

2006 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Aaron Spurr
Eastern Section: Walter "Len" Sharp
Pacific Northwest Section: Jodi Harnden
FarWest Section: David Meade
Southeast Section: Bryan P. Byrne
New England Section: Marguerite (Margo) Murphy
Texas Section: Cristopher D. Marshall

2006 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Tim Ashley
Minnesota: Kirk Enzenauer
Georgia: William Waggener
New Jersey:Walter Patelunas
Iowa: Aaron Spurr
New York: Walter "Len" Sharp
Louisiana: Janelle Albarez
North Carolina Carrie A. Jones
Maryland: Christa Bowser
Pennsylvania: Jason Petula


2005 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Eastern Section: Bernard Picklo
New England Section: Anita M. Honkonen
Pacific Northwest Section: Lynda Sanders
Sourtheast Section: Rose Lummus
Southwest Section: Chris Donovan
Texas Section: Heather Marshall

2005 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Ashley Allen
Georgia: Gregory Lee Bailey
Maryland: Carole Sue Diehl
New Jersey: Ray Kucklinca
New York: Eugene Genova
North Carolina Kathy Bosiak
South Carolina: Ida Wideman
Tennessee: Rose Lummus
Virginia: David Kielbowick, JR.
Washington: Mark Anderson
West Virginia: Ronald Sacco

2004 Section OEST Awardees Included:
Central Section: Matt Leone
Eastern Section: Mary Sue Burns
FarWest Section: Noah Hughs
New England Section: Bruce A. Mellin
Pacific Northwest Section: Patt Ellis
Sourtheast Section: Tina King
Southwest Section: Anthony L. Occhiuzzi

2004 State OEST Awardees Included:
Alabama: Hurd Finnegan
Georgia: Nwakaego Okafor
Maryland: Eileen Heady
Minnesota: Ken Fiscus
New Jersey: Mark Shoengold
New York: Andrew P. Patrick
Ohio: Philip M. Lacey
Pennsylvania: William C. Erler
South Carolina: Thomas E. Littlejohn
Tennessee: Tina King
West Virginia: Michelle L. Adams

2003 Section OEST Awardees Included:
New England Section: Shelly F. Snyder
Eastern Section: Glenn Dolphin
Southwestern Section: Rita Grusemeyer
Southeastern Section: Christine Henry
Pacific Northwest Section: Shawn E. Doan
Central Section: Craig Wolter
Texas Section: Michael Milburn
Far Western Section: Joan Hacken Carter

2003 State OEST Awardees Included:
New York: Glen Dolphin
Maryland: Deano Smith
Pennsylvania: Bernard Picklo
South Carolina: Donna Petty
Tennessee: Christine Henry
Virginia: Robert Nicholson
West Virginia: Mary Sue Burns
Indiana: Kevin Leineweber
Minnesota: Craig Wolter
British Columbia: Chris Lock



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