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American Geological Institute
Leadership Conference

“Improved Effectiveness Through Increased Cooperation”

Monday, May 19 & Tuesday, May 20, 2003
National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington DC

Conference Synposis in Geotimes

Action Items Summaries


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Monday, May 19th

8:00 am

Continental Breakfast


8:30 am

Welcome, Forum Scope & Expectations

M. Ray Thomasson

8:45 am

Report on Action Items from 2002 Leadership Forum


• Earth Science Teacher Preparation

Robert Ridky


• Education Outreach

Cindy Martinez


• Earth Science State-Based Alert System

M. Frank Watt Ireton


• Geoscience Data Preservation

Christopher Keane


USGS Coalition

Dave Applegate


• Making the Case for Paleoclimate Research

Christopher Maples


• Free Flow of Geoscientists and Geoscience Data

Peter Folger


I. Priming the Pipeline: Ensuring Future Geoscientists

9:15 am

Future Geoscience Employment and Student Enrollment

Christopher Keane

9:30 am

Earth Science Teacher Corps

Robert Ridky

10:00 am



10:30 am

Strengthening Undergraduate Geoscience Education

Barbara Tewksbury

11:00 am

Enhancing Diversity in the Earth and Space Sciences

Jill Karsten

11:30 am

Geoscience Outreach: A Collaborative Effort

Cindy Martinez




1:30 pm

Constraints on International Geoscientific Interaction

Peter Folger

2:00 pm

Member Society Discussion: Collaborative Opportunities and Needs

3:00 pm




II. Federal Investment in Geoscience R&D

3:30 pm

Federal Budget Hotspots for Geoscience R&D

Dave Applegate

4:00 pm

Oil and Gas Research at a Critical Juncture

Scott Tinker

4:30 pm

Future Vision for NSF R&D Support

Herman Zimmerman

5:15 pm

Member Society Discussion: Collaborative Opportunities and Needs

6:00 pm



7:00 pm



Tuesday, May 20th

III. E-Publishing and the Future of Geoscience Information

8:00 am

Continental Breakfast


8:30 am

GeoScienceWorld: An Intersociety Initiative

J. Alexander Speer

8:50 am

New Data Access Opportunities

Rick Fritz

9:10 am

Geoinformatics: A Community Approach

Christopher Keane

9:30 am

Geoscience Foundation Alliance to Support Education

Jan van Sant

9:50 am



10:20 am

Member Society Discussion: Collaborative Opportunities and Needs


IV. Forum Outcomes

11:00 am

Identification and Assignment of Action Items

M. Ray Thomasson

12:00 pm

Adjourn and Lunch


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