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Geoscience Policy Monthly Review: December 2013

The Monthly Review is part of a continuing effort to improve communications about the role of geoscience in policy. Current and archived monthly reviews are available online.

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  • USDA & EPA partner to support water quality trading

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a partnership to implement and coordinate policies that support water quality trading programs for nutrients, sediments, and other pollutants for economic and environmental benefit. Water quality trading allows regulated entities to purchase and use pollutant reduction credits. Proponents argue the program is a cost-effective way to comply with the Clean Water Act while also improving air quality and ecosystems. The USDA and EPA will coordinate and enhance communications and share information with states, agricultural producers, and third-party members to support water quality trading.

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Monthly Review prepared by: Maeve Boland, Geoscience Policy Director; Abby Seadler, Geoscience Policy Associate; and Sophia Ford, AGI/AAPG Fall Intern.



Compiled December 11, 2013