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Mining and the American Economy: Everything Begins with Mining

The National Mining Association held a briefing on July 16 to publicize the results of a study by Dr. George Leaming, owner and principal consultant for the Western Economic Analysis Center, entitled Mining and the American Economy: Everything Begins with Mining. According to the report, the total economic impact of mining on the US economy in 1995 was $523.6 billion. That total includes $48 billion in direct revenues, which consists of money received directly by the mining industry's employees, stockholders, and suppliers, and by local, state, and federal governments. An additional $475 billion is contributed as indirect revenue, which is "the subsequent spending by those who receive direct income payments."

The report illustrates that the benefits of mining are found in all 50 states, including areas where the direct value of minerals is minimal. California, New York, and Texas received the greatest economic benefit from mining.

For additional information, please contact John Grasser or Bob Webster at the National Mining Association (NMA) at (202) 463-2651 or visit the NMA homepage.

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Contributed by Kasey Shewey, AGI Government Affairs.
Last updated July 18, 1997

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