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AGI Geoscience Policy Past Interns

AGI Geoscience Policy offers summer and semester internship opportunities for geoscience students (undergraduates and Masters students) with an interest in public policy and in how Washington impacts the geoscience community. Interns gain a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies. They also hone writing, research, and web publishing skills. Descriptions of summer interns' experiences can be found in an October 1997 "Political Scene" column from Geotimes magazine, a September/October 1998 Geospectrum newsletter, and a 2008 Geopolicy News article on the Geological Society of America site.

Below are brief biographies of the current and past interns, publications they completed while at AGI, and information on where they are now.

2013 AGI/AAPG Summer Interns

Brittany with Senator Tom Harkin (right).

Brittany Huhmann
Brittany Huhmann has a bachelor’s degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa. She has worked in geoscience policy, education, and outreach with Washington University’s Environmental Law Clinic, the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, and Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center. She has also contributed to policy-relevant science research at state and federal government laboratories on topics ranging from fish population genetics to remediation of radionuclide-contaminated soils. This fall she will begin work toward a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, where her research will focus on geologic arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh.

John with Representative Michael Fitzpatrick (left).

John Kemper
John Kemper graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Geology from the University of Maryland in May 2013. His undergraduate research focused on sediment transport and the effect of urbanization and land use changes on stream channel morphology. John’s research interests include the effects of sediment supply and grain size on sediment transport dynamics and channel morphology, rainfall-runoff relationships and flood forecasting, and sediment transport and channel morphology in general. He plans to begin work toward a graduate degree in hydrology in the near future. He is originally from Philadelphia, PA.

Clint and Maeve Boland, Director of Geoscience Policy, with Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk (below).

Clinton Koch
Clinton Koch graduated in May 2013 from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, SD, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology and a minor geospatial technologies. As part of his undergraduate studies, Clint participated in research studying the acoustic velocities and magnetic susceptibilities of several thousand feet of core from the former Homestake Gold Mine located in Lead, SD. Following his internship at AGI, Clinton will be pursuing a Master of Geoscience at the University of Arizona with an emphasis in geophysics. His interests include crustal structure, seismology, tectonics, and energy production. He is originally from Brookfield, WI.

Summer 2013 interns with Chris Swezey of the U.S. Geological Survey (above).

2013 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Kimberley with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (left).

Kimberley Corwin
Kimberley graduated with honors from Wellesley College in May 2011 with a B.A. degree in Geosciences and Medieval/Renaissance Studies.  As an undergraduate, she conducted research through Wellesley and the Cape Cod National Seashore examining the effects of extensive vegetative dieback on the dynamics of sediment transport, deposition, and carbon sequestration within a salt marsh system. The results were presented at the 2009 Geological Society of America’s annual meeting.  After graduation, she interned at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History with the Cities Under the Sea Geoarchaeology Program. She conducted research on the development of a new method for assessing sediment compaction and subsequent sea-level rise along the northern third of the Nile Delta and co-authored the resulting paper in the Journal of Coastal Research.  Her future goals center on working at the intersection of seismology, geohazards, and disaster management and policy. Kimberley is from Vail, Colorado.

Kimberley with Massachusetts's 2nd District Representative Jim McGovern (right).

2012 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Kathryn Kynett
Kathryn graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Earth Sciences and a concentration in Environmental Geology from the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). She received honors for her senior thesis which investigated the influence of ocean acidification and anoxia on marine invertebrate ecology during the Permian—Triassic Extinction. Kathryn recently defended her M.S. thesis in Geosciences at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Her M.S. thesis focuses on understanding the Pliocene warm period through utilizing Mg/Ca and oxygen isotope values of planktonic foraminifera to reconstruct thermocline depth in the south Atlantic subtropical gyre over the past four million years. She has been awarded an Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation award for her research as well as the James C. Kelley Scholarship and a Pestrong Research Grant. Kathryn has worked at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, at the California Academy of Sciences and as a teaching assistant at SFSU. Kathryn’s interests include science policy, paleoclimatology, oceanography, remote sensing, water and energy resources as well as geoscience education.

Kathryn with Senator Barbara Boxer (center) and UC Davis Professor of Geology Sandra Carlson (right).

Kathryn Kynett with Senator barbara Boxer

Publications while at AGI: Congress Deadline Looms; Is Helium Doomed?, AAPG Explorer, December 2012.

2012 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Krista with 19th district Representative John Shimkus (left).

Krista Rybacki

Krista Rybacki graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics with an emphasis in Geochemistry in May 2012. As part of her undergraduate studies, Krista participated in research studying the flood sediment deposits in the scour valley from the Taum Sauk Reservoir failure. She was active in the department and community as a member of C.L. Dake Geological Society/AAPG, Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, and Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honor Society. In spring of 2012, Krista was inducted into Missouri S&T’s Mines and Metallurgy Academy and graduated with highest honors. Her interests include climate studies, geochemistry research, and science education. This summer, Krista is looking forward to the opportunity to gain insight on the processes between the geosciences and public policy.  She is originally from Nashville, IL.

Beth with 3rd district
John Yarmuth (right).

Beth Hoagland
Nell (Beth) Hoagland is a rising junior at Washington University in St. Louis where she is working on a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Earth Sciences. Her research focuses on reconstructing the geochemical history of Mars through isotopic analyses of sulfate evaporites.  Beth is passionate about community service and is involved in many service-oriented activities including preparation of meals for local homeless shelters, tutoring, and involvement in a community service honor society. During her time with AGI, Beth hopes to learn more about her geoscience interests, including hydrology and water equality, oceanography, and alternative energies, from a policy perspective. She is originally from Louisville, KY.

Beth talking with U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and staff (left).

Stephen Ginley
Stephen Ginley is a rising senior at the University of Maryland, College Park studying geology. His main research interests are high temperature geochemistry and mineralogy and he will be conducting a thesis project on the origin of Albanian ophiolites with Dr. Richard Walker in the 2012-2013 academic year. He is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma Honors Societies and is the social chair of the Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chemistry fraternity. Last spring he worked to replenish bayou swamps in Louisiana with the National Relief Network and is eager to continue changing lives with geology this summer with AGI. He is originally from East Rockaway, NY.

Summer 2012 interns visiting the U.S. Geological Survey (right).

2012 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez is a student at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, UT where he will be receiving his Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Geology upon the completion of field camp in the summer of 2012.  As a part of his undergraduate research project, Aaron worked on the Miocene River Project in Northern Arizona and Southeast Nevada with Dr. John MacLean.  Aaron was a student-athlete for four years at Southern Utah University where he endured the rigors of playing division 1-AA college football.  He was active in the community volunteering at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sponsored events like National Parks Clean Up Day, Youth Scavenger Hunts, and Youth Mountain Bike Rides.

Aaron has been accepted to the University of Idaho Department of Geological Sciences and will begin in the fall of 2012 after finishing field camp. (05/12)

Publications while at AGI: Hydraulic Fracturing Spawns New Regs, AAPG Explorer, April 2012.

Geology a Factor in Fracturing Regs, AAPG Explorer, May 2012.

Aaron with U.S. Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt (left), Congressman Jim Matheson from Utah (top right), and Senator Mike Lee from Utah (bottom right).

2011 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Erin pictured in front of the U.S. Capitol building.

erincapitolErin Camp
Erin Camp, a native of Santa Monica, CA, graduated in 2011 from Amherst College with a B.A. in Geology. Her senior thesis focused on mercury retention in peat bogs and its correlation with paleoclimate and paleovolcanism. While at Amherst, she was heavily involved with the environmental club on campus, played varsity volleyball all four years, and spent lots of time exploring the outdoors of beautiful New England. Erin interned with the Wilderness Society (DC) in the summer of 2009, studied abroad for a semester in New Zealand during her junior year, and also participated in an Earth Systems field camp while abroad. Her academic and career interests include alternative energy technology, sustainability systems, geoscience education, and environmental issues on a global scale.

Erin is now working as a Geothermal Energy Analyst for SRA, International at the Department of Energy in Washington, DC and will begin an Earth Energy PhD program in the fall at Cornell University. (3/12)

Erin with Anne Castle, Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, Department of the Interior. (below)

Publications while at AGI: Casing Gets Early Blame in Fracturing Studies, AAPG Explorer, January 2012; AAPG GEO-DC blog post.

2011 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Vicki (left) with Representative Kristi Noem from South Dakota.

Victoria Bierwirth
Victoria Bierwirth will be graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering and minor in Geospatial Technology in May 2014 from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Her interests in politics and natural resources led her to work in former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s field office in Rapid City and as a park guide at Jewel Cave National Monument. At each location, she communicated the importance of national resources on a political and educational level, respectively. She came to AGI after completing an internship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and is interested in energy, space, and public lands policy.

Vicki has been selected to the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program for Young Professionals and will spend a year studying geological engineering and participating in an internship in Germany. (04/12)

Publications while at AGI: What Makes a National Park Awesome?: The Geology, of Course, The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2011

Erica (left) with Senator Debbie Stabenow from Michigan.

Erica Dalman
Erica Dalman is a rising senior at Grand Valley State University (GVSU), where she will graduate with a B.S. in Geology and a minor in International Business. She is a member of the Fredrick Meijer Honor’s College and an active student life participant as president of Sabrosísimo (GVSU’s latin dance group). Erica came to us from the state of Michigan by way of Venezuela; she is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. In the summer of 2010, she was selected to participate in an ExxonMobil/GSA undergraduate field course.  Erica has presented a joint geoscience education research poster at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting (Oct. 2010). She recently completed field camp in the Republic of South Africa and hopes her career as a geologist will continue to open opportunities for travel.

Erica will begin graduate school at the University of Kansas in 2012 and will be conducting neotectonics research in the Andes Mountains of Columbia. (5/12)

Publications while at AGI: Adapting a Nation to an Ever Changing Ocean, The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2011

Presentation to the American Institute of Professional Geologists: Three Interns on Capitol Hill, September 2011

Lauren (right) with Senator Robert Casey from Pennsylvania.

Lauren Herwehe
Lauren received a B.S. in Geosciences and a B.A. in Geography in May 2011 from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). She graduated from the Schreyer Honors College and completed her senior thesis on the use of electrical resistivity imaging to model the flow of acid mine drainage.  She spent a summer in Germany as a research assistant studying landscape development during the Holocene.  She studied abroad for a semester in Ghana and has done research projects in West Philadelphia, Bulgaria, and India.  At Penn State she volunteered as a high school math tutor, education abroad Peer Advisor, and community language partner.  Lauren’s policy interests include water and energy resources, climate change, and science education.  In her free time she enjoys running, trying to learn Persian, drinking good coffee, grocery shopping, looking at maps, reading, and eating Indian food.

Lauren is currently abroad in Tajikistan studying water resource issues on a Fulbright grant. You can follow her blog here. (05/12)

Publications while at AGI: Developing Alaska's Oil and Gas Resources: How Should the U.S. Proceed?, The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2011

Summer 2011 Interns visit NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center.

2011 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Matt Ampleman with Representative Russ Carnahan of MissouriDana (right) with Senator David Vitter of Louisiana.

Dana Thomas
Dana completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Geology at Louisiana State University in August of 2010. She served as a field assistant in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana looking at metamorphic rocks as an early Earth analogy and as a laboratory assistant for clay mineral analysis with Professor Ray Ferrell. She was an active member of the LSU Geology Club, organizing educational visits to K-12 classes and coordinating member field trips. She spent a summer as a geology intern for Southwestern Energy Company analyzing a potential oil field. Within the community, Dana has devoted more than 4 years of time as a swim instructor for Crawfish Aquatics of Baton Rouge and as a Reading Friend for Volunteers in Public Schools in Baton Rouge. She started her internship in January 2011 after traveling through Southeast Asia and is interested in energy policy and science education.

Dana will be attending Stanford University in the fall of 2011 to begin an advanced geoscience degree with a research focus on geochemical aspects of carbon sequestration and mineral trapping.

2010 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Matt Ampleman with Representative Russ Carnahan of MissouriMatt (left) with Representative Russ Carnahan from Missouri.

Matt Ampleman
Matt graduated from Washington University (St. Louis) in May, receiving his B.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences with a minor in legal studies. As an undergraduate, Matt studied carbon sequestration in restored tallgrass prairies for his senior thesis, looking closely at the link between plant diversity and productivity. He has also researched greenhouse gas exchange in turf grass lawns for a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), and has served as a student consultant, specializing in hydrology, for the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic at Washington University. He is interested in carbon sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems, federal water policy, and biofuels.

Matt is an Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education (DOE) Fellow. He works with the Climate Ready Water Utilities group -- helping water utilities adapt to climate change by providing a clear understanding of climate science and adaptation options. (4/11)

Matt Ampleman with Senator Claire McCaskill

Matt (above) with Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri.

Publications while at AGI:
Ampleman, M.D.. Rare Earth Elements Face Supply Squeeze. AAPG Explorer, Dec 2010.

2010 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Elizabeth (left) with Senator Dianne Feinstein from California.

Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth received her BA in geology from Occidental College in May 2009. As an undergraduate, she studied tectonic geomorphology and apatite fission-track thermochronology. In the summer of 2008, Elizabeth participated in a NSF-REU program at Mesa State College, where she studied the incision history of the upper Colorado River. She participated in a Keck Geology Consortium summer program, which took her to western Mongolia for four weeks. This fall, Elizabeth will start her PhD at Yale University as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, where she will work on topics related to climate change and landscape evolution. While at AGI, Elizabeth will focus on topics related to natural hazards, energy policy and climate change. She is looking forward to exploring a new city and gaining a new perspective on the importance of the geosciences.

Elizabeth will attend Yale University in the fall of 2010 in pursuit of an advanced geoscience degree. (08/10)

Publications while at AGI: Earthquake Preparedness: Avoiding Catastrophe By Acting Now, The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2010

Elizabeth (right) with Representative Paul Tonko from New York.

Elizabeth Huss
Elizabeth is entering her junior year at the State University of New York at Geneseo, where she is working on her bachelor degrees in Geology and English. After taking an environmental science class to fulfill a general education requirement in her freshman year, she became interested in the geological sciences and has not looked back since. Lizz looks at the internship with AGI this summer as an opportunity to combine the skills she has learned in her two majors, along with a chance to consider her career choices. She is eagerly anticipating the research she will be conducting next winter on her trip to Death Valley with faculty and students from the Geneseo Geology department. For now, however, she is excited about exploring Washington, DC, even if it means leaving her beloved Adirondacks for the summer.

Publications while at AGI: Collective Amnesia: The History of Oil Spill R&D, The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2010

Kiya (right) with Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon

Kiya Wilson
Kiya is a rising senior at Oregon State University, where she is an Earth Systems Science major. Kiya participated in the NSF-REU program at Oregon State, where she studied glacial-interglacial climate variability as recorded in coastal margin marine sediments. She has continued the work as an undergraduate thesis and has presented her findings at GSA and AGU conferences. Kiya travels to us directly from Svalbard, where she has spent the past six months studying high arctic climate change and glacial hydrology. In her free time, Kiya loves backcountry skiing, spelunking, and photography. Kiya intends to pursue graduate work in polar climate studies, and is eager to spend the summer in DC learning how her future scientific work can best impact policymaking.

Kiya graduated from Oregon State and will begin her PhD program at Penn State in the fall of 2011. She will study subglacial hydrology with Dr. Richard Alley. (04/11)

Publications while at AGI: Unable to Break the Ice: U.S. Arctic Policy and Law of the Sea, The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2010

Summer 2010 Interns with AGI Executive Director Pat Leahy

2010 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Maureen (left) with AGI Executive Director Pat Leahy.

Maureen Moses
Maureen Moses is in the final stages of completing her Masters degree from Central Washington University on the petrology of basalt lavas from the 1646-1669 eruptive period at Mount Etna in Sicily with Dr. Wendy Bohrson. She received her B.S. degree in 2007 from San Diego State University and completed her senior thesis with Dr. Victor Camp with a minor in Religious Studies. While at SDSU she was a volunteer for Scripps Institute of Oceanography aboard a P.L.U.M.E. research cruise which studied the Hawaiian Mantle Plume using seismic tomography. In summer 2004 she participated in a NSF-REU internship at Carnegie Institution of Washington. She attributes all of these experiences to shaping and refining her scientific interests, and has thoroughly enjoyed the adventures they provided. Maureens policy interests include Natural Hazards and Public Health, Climate Change, STEM education, and the controversy surrounding the teaching of evolution in some regions of the country. Maureen was born and raised in San Diego, and enjoys travel, exotic food and music, and bocce ball.

Maureen is currently a program assistant in education/outreach at the American Meteorological Society (6/10).

2009 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Mollie (left) with Senator Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia.

Mollie Pettit
Mollie just finished earning BS degrees in both geology and mathematics from West Virginia University. She has done geology Research Experiences for Undergraduate internships the past two summers, first at Virginia Tech then at the University of Colorado. Although she most recently comes from WV, she lived in the Midwest for most of her life and is excited about living near a big city for once. Mollie has little experience with public policy and is looking forward to the knowledge and experience she will gain from this internship opportunity.

Mollie graduated from Stanford University with a Master's degree in geology in the spring of 2012 and plans to apply to medical school in the summer of 2013. She spent the summer of 2010 working at the West Virginia Geological Survey and studied Himalayan geology in India in September 2011. (05/12)

Publications while at AGI:
Pettit, M.M. Geothermal Projects Gather $team. AAPG Explorer, Dec 2009.

2009 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Joey Fiore (left) and 2009 Fall Intern Mollie Pettit (right).

Joey Fiore
Coming from Boston, Joey has just completed work for BS degrees in geology and history from Northeastern University. During his time there, he helped conduct research on the red tide blooms in the Gulf of Maine during the 2006 fishery shutdowns, using core samples to determine population densities during the fall and then monitoring the bloom the following spring. Additionally, Joey served as Northeastern’s Student Body President and in the school’s production of Guys and Dolls. He is a regular columnist for The Professional Geologist, and has been involved with AIPG for several years. While in Washington this fall, Joey plans on studying, and working to improve, the way in which science is communicated to the public. This winter he is moving to California, where he will work for a year before pursuing graduate school.

Publications while at AGI:
Fiore, J. Carbon Capture and Sequestration: The Preferred Solution of Policy Makers. The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2010.

Stephanie Praus (left) and Rachel Potter (right).

Rachel Potter
Rachel received her BA in Earth Sciences from Boston University and recently completed her MS in Geology from the University of Maryland. Her MS research in geochemistry focused on the Bushveld Complex of South Africa. In June she will present her thesis work at the Goldschmidt conference in Switzerland. Rachel is now devoting her time to understanding geoscience policy in Washington, especially at this time of transition and change in DC.

Publications while at AGI:
Potter, R. Policymakers Making Waves About Ocean Acidification.The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2010

Potter, R. Energy Department Seeks to Spark Scientific Innovation. EARTH Magazine, Nov 2009, pp. 28

Stephanie Praus
Stephanie graduated in May from the University of Michigan with a BSE in Earth Systems Science and Engineering, concentrating in climate physics. During college, she studied the feasibility of incorporating the agriculture sector into a California carbon cap and trade market, and the mechanisms communities are using to adapt to climate change. She also worked for the Michigan Environmental Council in 2008, tracking state and federal legislation related to environmental issues. She will be starting at the University of Maryland in the fall to pursue a Master’s of Public Policy, concentrating in environmental policy. Stephanie is originally from Buffalo, New York. 

Publications while at AGI:
Praus, S. Will Nuclear Power Grow in a Low Carbon Economy?The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2010

Praus, S. Mining Reform on the Table, Again. EARTH Magazine, Oct 2009, pp. 25

Stephanie graduated from UMD and is now back in Washington, DC as an analyst at International Technology and Trade Associates. (9/11)

Stephanie (left) with Senator Debbie Stabenow from Michigan.

2009 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Clint Carney
Clint comes to AGI from Colorado where he has spent the last few years working towards an MSc degree in hydrology at the Colorado School of Mines. Clint earned his BS in geology and environmental studies at Iowa State University and an MS in geology at Northern Illinois University prior to working professionally as a hydrogeologist for a multi-agency groundwater modeling study of the High Plains aquifer in Nebraska. Clint is also a registered professional geologist in the state of Nebraska.

Publications while at AGI:
Carney, C. Water Gets Attention in Congress. EARTH Magazine, Aug 2009, pp. 26

Clint is currently a hydrogeologist for a consulting company in Denver, CO. (8/09)

2008 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Merilie (right) with Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind.

Merilie Reynolds
Merilie has just finished earning a BA in geology from Smith College in Northampton, MA. Her field experiences during her time at Smith include monitoring stream water quality and quantity in a Costa Rican cloud forest and studying the geology of a copper-zinc deposit in rural Mexico. Both projects raised her awareness of how scientists can contribute to the social, economic, and political issues related to their research and she is excited to pursue that interest during her internship. Merilie grew up in rural Wisconsin and she is excited to take advantage of all the big city opportunities DC has to offer, including the thriving Ultimate Frisbee community.

Merilie is currently working in exploration geology for Barrick Gold in Winnemucca, Nevada. (8/09)

2008 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

From left to right: Corina Cerovski-Darriau, Jillian Luchner, and Laura Bochner.

Corina Cerovski-Darriau
Corina Cerovski-Darriau just graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a BA in geology and a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. She was recently sponsored by the Geological Society of America to attend UNESCO’s International Year of the Planet Earth as the US Student Representative. She was selected based on her essay about minimizing the risk/maximizing the awareness of natural hazards. Corina enjoys working as a liaison between the sciences and public policy and feels it is a nice combination of her interests. She also looks forward to touring the nation’s capital, experiencing thunderstorms and fireflies, and hopefully seeing a little geology

Publications while at AGI:
Cerovski-Darriau, C. Looking Forward in the Domestic Drilling Debate: What Direction Should Policy Take on Offshore Drilling. The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2008

Cerovski-Darriau, C. Science and Policy: An Intern'sView. Geological Society of America.

Corina was the policy associate at AGI-GAP and is now working toward an advanced geology degree at University of Oregon. (6/10)

Jillian Luchner
Jillian Luchner comes to us from Boston, MA by way of California where she is completing a second undergraduate degree in Geology at Humboldt State University. After receiving an initial degree in economics from the University of Rochester, Jillian worked with an Americorps*VISTA program in California’s Central Valley. There she became interested in helping local governments better understand issues of science. She now enjoys focusing on issues of hydrology, hydrogeology and all things water. According to Jillian, she also “loves a good bike ride, a good book and a good burrito.”

Publications while at AGI:
Luchner, J. A Resurrection for Buried Heat - The Potential of Geothermal Energy in the United States Portfolio. The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2008

Jillian is now teaching at Montessori school in Maryland. (8/09)

Laura Bochner
Laura is a rising junior at Lafayette College in Easton, PA and is studying Geology. Though she entered college as a pre-med biology major, Laura changed her major after taking field courses in Utah and Hawaii. Laura is interested in all issues surrounding the environment and geosciences, but she is especially interested in energy and climate change policy. At school, Laura has begun collaborative research with her Paleoclimatology professor on the intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation at the Plio-Pleistocene boundary. She has also been working with her hometown’s municipal Environmental Advisory Committee. Laura enjoys hiking, photography, and a good geology pun. She hails from the Pennsylvania suburbs and is excited about spending the summer in Washington, DC.

Publications while at AGI:
Bochner, L. Climate Change Legislation: Coming Soon? The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2008

Bochner, L. Halfway Up the Hill: Six Weeks Into My
AIPG/AGI Internship Connecting Geoscience to Policy. The Professional Geologist, Nov/Dec 2008, pp. 46

Laura is graduating from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania in the spring of 2010 and will head to Santa Fe NM for a Geological Society of America GeoCorps internship. (8/09)

2007 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Elizabeth Landau
Liz comes to us from California, where she completed her B.S. in Geological Sciences at USC, and her MS, also in Geological Sciences, from San Diego State University. Liz is politically active and interested in a career in geosciences policy. She intends on staying in the Washington DC area to pursue her career, even if the weather is better in California.

Liz is currently the Public Affairs Manager at AGU. (8/13)

2007 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

From left to right: David McCormick, Fall 2006 Intern Rachel Bleshman, Sargon de Jesus, and Paul Schramm.

Sargon de Jesus
Sargon will graduate from Brown University with a Bachelor's degree in geoscience and comparative literature before coming to the summer internship. He plans to head back to Rhode Island to complete his Masters degree before considering a career in geoscience policy. He has conducted field work in Fish Lake Utah and Mt St Helens. Sargon is bilingual (English and French), proficient in Spanish and has acted in seven theater productions at Brown. He is originally from inside the Beltway and a graduate of Washington-Lee High School in Virginia.

Publications while at AGI:
de Jesus, S. Independent Review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: How Oversight May Help the Flow. The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2008

Sargon completed his Masters in Geology at Brown in 2008. He appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 2009 and currently works as a technical writer (03/10)

David P. McCormick II
Dave has just completed his sophomore year at Marietta College in Ohio where he is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in geoscience. He is originally from Fredonia, New York and is interested in becoming a petroleum geologist when he is finished with the internship. Dave spent 2 weeks in the Utah desert conducting field work with paleontologists and sedimentologists and then presented his work at a Geological Society of America meeting. He is an avid weightlifter and also a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.

Publications while at AGI:
McCormick, D.P. Carbon Capture and Storage: Congress Calls on Geoscientists to Lead the Way, The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2008.

Dave is attending Marietta College in Ohio. (8/08)

Paul J. Schramm III
Paul has just completed his Masters degree in geoscience at Notre Dame, after getting his Bachelors degree at Kalamazoo College in his home state of Michigan. After the internship, Paul intends to pursue a degree in environmental health, where he can use his thesis work on metal-water interactions to deal with human health issues that intersect with geology. He is also a roller coaster enthusiast and world traveler, who has studied for one semester in Cairo and visited many other far flung locations.

Publications while at AGI:
Schramm, P.J. Earth Science Education: Left Behind and Looking for Advocates, The Professional Geologist, Jan/Feb 2008

Paul finished Graduate school in public health at Emory University. He is now a Public Health Scientist Presidential Management Fellow at the Coordinating Center for Environmental Health and Injury Prevention, one of the four coordinating centers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (8/09)

2007 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Erin Gleeson

Erin is at graduate school at ETH in Switzerland working on dendroclimatology using tree core, climatic, and hydrologic data collected in Patagonia, Argentina. (11/09)

2006 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Rachel Bleshman
Rachel, sponsored by AGI and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation, has arrived for the furious finish of the 109th Congress, which will likely continue their work through the dark and cold days of December this year. Rachel graduated in May 2006 from Wesleyan University of Connecticut where she received a BA in Earth and Environmental Science. After four years of field trips and an exciting geological cross-country trip this summer, she is ready to experience how public policy and geoscience connect to affect our country.

See photo with 2007 AIPG/AGI Summer Interns.

After working for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, a DC law firm, and Vice President Joseph Biden, Rachel is now studying law at Tulane University. (07/11)

2006 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Tim Donahue (right) talks with former Minnesota Congressman Gil Gutknecht.

Tim Donahue
Tim Donahue is a senior at Winona State University in Minnesota, majoring in geoscience, public administration, and political science. He expects to graduate this December. He will focus on energy policy and other hot topics during the steamy Washington DC summer.

Publications while at AGI:
Donahue, T. Facing Energy Demands and Rising Costs, Policymakers Consider Nuclear Options, The Professional Geologist, Nov Issue 2006.

Jessica Rowland
Jessica Rowland earned her BS in geosciences and anthropology from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and is currently finishing a Master's degree in isotope geochemistry from the University of Arizona. Her research involves reconstructing broad-scale climatic and environmental variation in western Israel through the use of stable oxygen and carbon isotopes in fossil tooth enamel from archaeological sites. While at AGI, Jessica will be following legislation related to climate change, environmental policy and other issues.

Publications while at AGI:
Rowland, J. Is Carbon Dioxide a Pollutant?, The Professional Geologist, Nov Issue 2006.

Jessica is working at the University of New Mexico on education and sustainability.

Carrie Donnelly
Carrie is a Master's student at the University of Washington where she conducts research on the uranium-series chemistry of lava from the ongoing eruption of Mt. St. Helens. During her stay in Washington, DC, Carrie will focus on science education policy, emergency management and other issues

Publications while at AGI:
Donnelly, C. American Competitiveness: A Focal Point for Cooperation Between Industry and Academia, The Professional Geologist, Nov Issue 2006.

From left to right: OSTP Science Policy Analyst Gene Whitney, and interns Jessica Rowland, and Carrie Donnelly.

2006 AGI/AAPGSpring Intern

Jenny (left) with California Senator Barbara Boxer.

Jenny Fisher
Jenny earned her BS in planetary science from Caltech last June and will be returning to school next fall to begin graduate studies in atmospheric chemistry at Harvard. She has recently returned to the US after spending the past six months teaching in London. While at AGI, she will be following legislation related to American innovation and competitiveness, the FY07 budget,and the reponse to Hurricane Katrina, among other topics.

Jenny received her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry from Harvard University and is currently working there as a Postdoctoral Fellow. (09/11)

2005 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Peter Douglas
Peter graduated with a bachelor of science degree in geology from Pomona College in Claremont, California in May. He spent the summer working as a Geological Society of America GeoCorps volunteer in Oregon.

In December of 2005 Peter went to Namibia to teach English, science, and math for a year. See his blog. (08/07)

2005 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

From left to right: Amanda Schneck, 2005 Spring Intern Katie Ackerly, John Vermylen, and Anne Smart.

Anne Smart
Anne joined the Government Affairs Program on May 31st as the second of this summer's AGI/AIPG Interns. She is a junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. While double-majoring in Environmental Studies and Public Administration, Anne has assessed energy conservation methods at her school for a Provost report and is currently working on a thesis focused on the peak oil crisis.As a resident of Bel Air, Maryland, Anne has previously interned in the district office of Representative Wayne T. Gilchrest. Another valuable addition to our staff, we are very happy to have her.

Publications while at AGI:
Smart, A. Energy Policy Act Fails to Address Peak Oil, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2005.

Anne received her Master's in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, was a fellow in the Deleware State Senate Energy and Transit Committee, and is currently the Director of Energy and Environment Programs at Silicon Valley Leadership Group in California. (08/11)

Amanda Schneck
Amanda arrived at AGI on May 16th, a day after graduating from Susquehanna University, a small liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania. While at Susquehanna, she received a BS in Environmental Science with a minor in Mathematics. She has studied abroad in Australia, completing a semester at Melbourne University and a field camp at James Cook University, where she studied depositional processes related to Rainforest and Reef environments. Amanda's experiences this summer will hopefully guide her as she pursues a Master's in environmental policy from Bard College. While at Bard she will complete a 2+ year Master's project through the Peace Corps. We are very pleased to welcome Amanda to AGI for the summer.

Publications while at AGI:
Schneck, A. The Future of the U. S. Geological Survey as the Agency Changes Directors, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2005.

Amanda is now a Project Manager at Coneco Geothermal Systems LLC. (8/09)

John Vermylen
In May, John earned his Bachelor's in geology from Princeton University, and this coming fall, he will head right back to school to pursue a PhD in Geophysics from Stanford University. John has a strong interest in carbon sequestration research, and he will continue to follow developments in national energy policy as well as natural hazards and mining legislation for the Government Affairs Program through August.

Publications while at AGI:
Vermylen, J. Where to Put Liquefied Natural Gas, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2005.

John is attending Stanford University for his Ph.D. in Geophysics. (8/09)

2005 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Katie Ackerly
Katie joined the Government Affairs Program on January 11th. She graduated last spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences from Williams College, and has recently moved to Washington, DC from her home in San Francisco, where she worked as a GIS mapping volunteer at the USGS in Menlo Park. Over the next few months she will be busy tracking legislation on the FY06 budget, The Clear Skies Act, national energy policy, and natural hazard mitigation efforts, among others.

See photo with the 2005 AIPG/AGI Summer Interns.

Katie is currently attending Architecture School. (8/09)

2004 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Dave Millar
Dave, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, recently graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He double majored in Earth Sciences and Politics, and in 2003, he studied abroad for a full year at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Now living in Washington DC and working in AGI's Government Affairs Program, Dave is learning first hand the realities of the appropriations process as well as tracking legislation on climate change, oceans policy, global earth observation, and energy. His internship will extend through mid-December.

2004 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

From left to right: Bridget Martin and Ashlee Dere.

Bridget Martin
Bridget is originally from Helena, MT and is currently a senior at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. She is majoring in geology with a comparative politics minor. Bridget has worked as an intern for the Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation District, at an organic farm in Montana, and as a page in the Montana State Senate. She has also participated in the Presidential Classroom program. This summer, Bridget became the resident expert on the timely issue of high oil and gas prices as well as mercury contamination.

Publications while at AGI:
Martin, B. Pining over Defining Refining in a Doomed Generation of Regulations:Refining Capacity is One Tricky Business!!!, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2004.

Ashlee Dere
Ashlee is a senior at the California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California where she is majoring in Earth science with a sustainable environments minor. Originally from San Diego, CA, she has worked as an intern with the City of San Diego Environmental Services Department and has participated in soil judging and other student activities sponsored by the Soil Science Society of America. Ashlee gained insight on budget issues, Yucca Mountain and natural hazards legislation this summer.

Publications while at AGI:
Dere, A. Earth Science and Congress: An Inseparable Duo, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2004.

2004 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Gayle Levy
Gayle comes to us from the University of Georgia where she received her MS in geology. Her thesis involved studying the evolutionary biology of brachiopods. Now in Washington, she will spend quality time on Capitol Hill observing the budget process and election-year politics at their finest. In May, Gayle will take a position as the Outreach Specialist at the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS).

2003 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Ashley M. Smith

2003 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Emily Scott
Emily Scott is a senior geology and government double major at Bowdoin College.

Publications while at AGI:
Scott, E. In Search of Certainty: The Hardrock Mining Industry Presses for National Mining Policy, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2003.

Deric Learman
Deric Learman received his bachelor’s degree in geology from Central Michigan University in May and began graduate school in environmental geochemistry at Virginia Tech this fall.

Publications while at AGI:
Learnman, D. High Energy Cost Sparks Congressional Interest, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2003.

Deric completed his PhD in Geosciences at Virginia Tech and was a research associate at Harvard. Deric is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Central Michigan University (8/11)

Brett Beaulieu
Brett is a master’s student in environmental geology at Vanderbilt University.

Publications while at AGI:
Beaulieu, B. How Far Upstream? Interests, Science, and the Reach of the Clean Water Act, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2003.

2003 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Charna Meth
Charna, who recieved both her bachelor's and master's degrees in geology from the University of Texas at Austin, will be spending nearly four months with AGI attending congressional hearings, researching policy issues, and writing issue updates for the program's web site. We gratefully acknowledge stipend support for the internship provided by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Charna is now the Assistant Director of the U.S. Science Support Program for the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. (8/09)

2002 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Annette Veilleux
Annette, a geology doctoral candidate at the University of Texas, El Paso, will be spending fourteen weeks at AGI getting a first-hand look at the federal legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies. AGI gratefully acknowledges support from AAPG for the semester internships.

2002 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

From left to right: Evelyn Kim, David Viator, and Sarah Riggen.

Evelyn Kim Evelyn graduated from Smith College in May with a bachelor's degree in geology. She will begin working this fall with Limno-Tech Inc., an environmental consulting firm, in Washington, DC.

Publications while at AGI:
Kim, E. DOE's Accelerated Cleanup Initiative: More Than Just a Quick Fix?, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2002.

Sarah Riggen
Sarah graduated this May with a bachelor's degree in geology from the College of William and Mary. She now works in northern Virginia for ICF Consulting.

Publications while at AGI:
Riggen, S. Finding a Role for Science in Homeland Security, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2002.

David Viator
David has returned to Louisiana State University to complete his Master's degree in geology.

Publications while at AGI:
Viator, D. Energy from Federal Lands: Opening Up For Business, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2002.

2002 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Heather Golding
Heather is a University of Georgia geology graduate student.

2001 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Catherine Macris
Catherine is a senior geology major at Louisiana State University.

2001 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

From left to right: Chris Eisinger, Michelle Williams, USGS director (and former AGI Executive Director) Charles Groat, and Caetie Ofiesh.

Chris Eisinger
Chris attended Arizona State University for a master's degree in volcanology.

Publications while at AGI:
Eisinger, C. Brownfields Legislation: Making the Grass Greener on the Other Side, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2001.

Caetie Ofiesh
Caetie returned to Amherst College in Fall of 2001 for her senior year as a geology major.

Publications while at AGI:
Ofiesh, C. Improving Science at the Environmental Protection Agency, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2001.

Caetie was a Staff Director of the Geographical Sciences Committee Board on Earth Sciences and Resources at the National Research Council. Now she is in graduate school in geography at George Washington University (6/10).

Michelle Williams
Michelle was a master's student in tectonic sedimentology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Publications while at AGI:
Williams, M. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Heats Up, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2001.

2001 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Mary Patterson
Mary is working on her undergraduate degree in geology at the University of Nevada at Reno.

2000 AGI/AIPGSummer Interns

From left to right: Michael Wagg, Audrey Slesinger, and Nathan Morris.

Nathan Morris
Nathan is pursuing a master's degree at Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He holds a bachelor's degree in natural resources from the University of Nebraska.

Publications while at AGI:
Morris, N. Total Maximum Daily Loads:  Sink or Swim?, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2000.

Michael Wagg
Michael recently graduated from Albion College in Michigan with a double major in geology and history. He began graduate school this fall at the University of Michigan.

Publications while at AGI:
Wagg, M. The Outer Continental Shelf:  Awash in a Sea of Controversy, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2000.

Audrey Slesinger
Audrey completed her master's degree in geochemistry from the University of Bristol (U.K) this spring. She holds a B.S. in geology from Tufts University.

Publications while at AGI:
Slesinger, A. Washington Responds to High Energy Prices, The Professional Geologist, Nov 2000.

Audrey currently works in the office of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).

1999 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern

Alison Alcott
Alison is completing a master's degree at the University of Utah where she is applying structural geology to hydrologic systems in vicinity of Salt Lake City.

1999 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Scott Broadwell
Scott Broadwell is getting his master's degree from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks in structural geology. He holds a bachelor's degree in geology from the University of New Mexico.

Publications while at AGI:
Broadwell, S. Congress Addresses Public Land Sovereignty Issues, The Professional Geologist, Oct 1999.

Althea Cawley-Murphree
Althea double majored in geology and political science from Central Washington University and later earned her Master's in Public Administration from the University of Washington. She is now the Director of Communication for Charles Wright Academy where she oversees public relations and marketing efforts for the school while teaching high school seniors a course in international development. (1/12)

Publications while at AGI:
Cawley-Murphree, A. Crown Jewel Crisis Renews Mining Reform Debate, The Professional Geologist, Oct 1999.

Sarah Robinson
Sarah is a doctoral student at Arizona State University studying the geomorphology of alluvial fans. She holds a bachelor's degree in geology from Franklin and Marshall College.

Publications while at AGI:
Robinson, S. Reforming Superfund: An Ongoing Effort, The Professional Geologist, Oct 1999.

1999 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern

Christi Snedegar
Christi graduated in December from Indiana University in Bloomington with a dual degree in geology and classical civilization. In November, she will join the U.S. Navy's nuclear engineering program.

1998 AGI/AAPG Summer Interns

Shannon Clark
Shannon started the fall 1998 term at Southern Methodist University, where she is beginning graduate work in geoscience.

Publications while at AGI:
Clark, S. Commission Recommends Shift in Western Water Policy, The Professional Geologist, Oct 1998.

Margaret Baker
Margaret began her senior year in Fall 1998 at Mount Holyoke College, where she is double-majoring in geology and Asian studies.

Publications while at AGI:
Baker, M. Royalty Valuation: A Royal Pain for All, The Professional Geologist, Oct 1998.

Joy Roth
Joy completed an MS in geology from Rice University in Houston this fall and is now employed at Texaco in New Orleans.

Publications while at AGI:
Roth, J. Mitigation Banking and the Clean Water Act, The Professional Geologist, Oct 1998.

Joy is now a Geologist for Chevron Nigeria Limited. (8/09)

1998 AGI Spring Intern

Spring Intern
Josh Chamot, a senior geology major at William and Mary, recently joined GAP for a week as a "shadow" to see what working in public policy is like. During his week, he attended several Congressional hearings, one of which he wrote summarized for the AGI website.

1997 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Jenna Minicucci
Jenna was a rising senior at Wesleyan University where she was a dual major in geology and government. In response to a member society request, Jenna examined the geoscience content of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth.

Catherine Runden
A 1997 graduate of the University of Iowa, Runden worked for the Iowa Geological Survey during her last two years in school. She was seeking a position with an environmental consulting firm or a nonprofit scientific society.

Stephanie Barrett -- was funded jointly by AGI's Government Affairs and Education programs. Stephanie covered science education policy issues for GAP. Stephanie has an undergraduate degree in geology from Furman University (S.C.), and returned to Indiana University to complete a master's degree in public affairs, with a focus on environmental policy.

1996 AGI/AIPG Summer Interns

Rene Cortez
Rene will be a senior geological engineering major at the University of Wisconsin at Madison next fall.

Heidi Mohlman
Heidi just graduated in geology from Amherst College.

(From August 2001 Monthly Review update) We are also pleased to report that one of AGI's first policy interns, Heidi Mohlman, is the new communications director for the House Science Committee, where she oversees all media interactions. After her AGI internship, she worked for Sen. Jim Jeffords (I-VT) in a number of capacities, including deputy press secretary. Most recently, she served as press secretary for his successful 2000 re-election campaign. Mohlman, a Vermont native, holds a bachelor's degree in geology from Amherst College. We wish her the best of luck!

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