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DOE Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (9-9-98)

In April 1998, the Department of Energy (DOE) released its Comprehensive National Energy Strategy. In developing the strategy, DOE held 3 public hearings -- in Texas, California, and Washington DC -- and received more than 300 public comments. AGI Executive Director Marcus Milling presented testimony at the Washington DC hearing, which is available on the AGI website.

The report contains five main goals for US energy policy, objectives to support those goals, and specific performance measures to track progress in meeting these goals. A brief outline of the goals and objectives follows. The full report is available on the DOE website, which also contains information on ordering copies of the report.

Goal 1: Improve the efficiency of the energy system

Goal 2: Ensure against energy disruption

Goal 3: Promote energy production and use in ways that respect health and environmental values

Goal 4: Expand Future Energy Choices

Goal 5: Cooperate internationally on global issues


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Contributed by Kasey Shewey, AGI Government Affairs
Posted September 9, 1998

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