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Update on Legislation to Repeal Goals 2000 and the National Skill Standards Act of 1994 (12-2-98)

Most Recent Action:
On November 9, 1997, Representative Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced H.R.2992 -- the "Parents and Teachers Know Best Act of 1997" -- that would repeal Goals 2000 and the National Skill Standards Act of 1994. The bill would distribute the money appropriated for these programs to local education agencies to be used for programs on technology, educational materials, reform, improved thinking skills, literacy programs, gifted and talented programs, and school improvement programs.

In his introductory remarks, Graham refuted the Administration's proposal for national testing and the trend toward more federal involvement in education. He stated that his legislation "begins an effort to toll back the rising ride of nationalization and federalization." He continued by explaining that "Goals 2000 has done little, if anything, to improve the performance of America's students in the classroom." Although the bill gained 62 cosponsors, it did not move out of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

The National Skill Standards Act was enacted to improve workforce skills and Goals 2000 supports state and local efforts to develop and implement academic standards and improve K-12 teaching and learning. Goals 2000 sets into law several national goals for the year 2000:

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Contributed by Kasey Shewey White, AGI Government Affairs.

Last updated December 2, 1998

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