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Future Issues in Oil and Natural Gas (1-15-99)

In December 1994, Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary asked the National Petroleum Council (NPC), a Department of Energy advisory council, to "identify the issues and policies that will most likely shape the [oil and gas] industry over the next twenty-five years." In August 1995, the NPC released a report "Future Issues: A View of US Oil and Natural Gas to 2020."

The report provides an outlook for the US industry during the next quarter century. Council members anticipated that the world will still use large amounts of oil and gas in 2020, and technological advances will increase the efficiency of these fuels. The report states that the US will become increasingly dependent on foreign sources of oil, but the supply will come from more diverse sources. The Council then identified a range of future issues based on this scenario that fall into four broad categories: Energy Security, Industry-Government Interface, Environment, and Industry Image. They provided the following recommendations for the oil and gas industry and government:

The NPC released a follow-up report in January 1996 that provided more information on the last recommendation entitled "Issues for Interagency Consideration: A Supplement to the NPC's report Future Issues: A View of US Oil and Natural Gas to 2020." For more information on these reports and the NPC, visit the NPC website.

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Contributed by Kasey White, AGI Government Affairs
Posted January 15, 1999

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