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Federal Government: Structure, Status and Appropriations

Geosciences R&D Pays Off (2011) (PDF)
Budget Process Timeline (2009) (PDF)

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Education and Research Issues

STEM Education (2010) (PDF)

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Energy Issues

Carbon Capture and Sequestration in PA (2008) ( PDF)
Nuclear Energy (2010)

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Natural Resources and Environmental Issues

Carbon Capture and Sequestration in PA (2008) ( PDF)
Groundwater (2009) ( PDF)
LiDAR (2009) (PDF)
Nuclear Waste (2010) (PDF)

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Natural Hazards

Drought (2009) ( PDF)
Earthquakes (2009) ( PDF)
Floods (2009) ( PDF)
Flood Map Modernization (2002) ( PDF)
Heat Wave (2009) ( PDF)
Hurricanes (2009) ( PDF)
Landslides (2009) ( PDF)
(2009) ( PDF)
Tornadoes (2009) ( PDF)
Tsunamis (2009) ( PDF)
Volcanoes (2009) ( PDF)
Wildfires (2009) ( PDF)
Winter Storms (2009) ( PDF)

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Last updated October 21, 2011


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