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2009: GSA Town Hall meeting
AGU Town Hall meeting
2010: EGU Town Hall meeting
AGU Meeting of the Americas Town Hall meeting
2012: IGC Town Hall meeting

Venue: GSA Town Hall Meeting:  Tuesday 20 October 2009 at 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm, Oregon Convention Center, Room B116, Portland, Oregon.

Speaker: Dr. Suzette Kimball
Affiliation: Acting Director, U.S. Geological Survey
Talk Title: There Be DRAGONs:  Delta Science in the 21st Century
File Download: 2.5 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. Murray Hitzman
Affiliation: Charles F. Fogarty Professor of Economic Geology, Colorado School of Mines
Talk Title: Critical Research Challenges in Natural Resource Geosciences for the Early 21st Century
File Download: <1 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. John Ludden
Affiliation: Executive Director, British Geological Survey
Talk Title: Applied Geosciences for Planet Earth
File Download: 3.1 MB PDF document (.pdf)

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Venue: AGU Town Hall Meeting:  Thursday 17 December 2009 at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Moscone West, Room 2004, San Francisco, California.

Speaker: Dr. Donald J. Depaolo
Affiliation: Director, Earth Sciences Division, University of California/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Talk Title: The Grand Research Questions in the Solid-Earth Science
Talk Summary: Dr. Depaolo summarized a report from a review group of the US National Research Council which he had chaired.  His presentation discussed ten research questions that need to be addressed by the geoscience community and covered topics as diverse as the origin of Earth to climate dynamics.  The presentation provided an outstanding overview of major research questions all of which are certainly global in nature.
File Download: Coming soon...

Speaker: Dr. Mark D. Zoback
Affiliation: Benjamin M. Page Professor of Earth Science and Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University
Talk Title: Scientific Challenges Related to Energy and the Environment
Talk Summary: The major thrust of Dr. Zoback’s presentation dealt with maintaining the demand for energy while at the same time reducing climate change specifically carbon emissions.  He presented an analysis of what could be expected if the energy mix changed relative to carbon capture and storage, the migration to an increase in natural gas and nuclear power, and practical view of the geologic, societal and economic constraints to these changes.
File Download: 2.3 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. Marcia K. McNutt
Affiliation: Director, US Geological Survey
Talk Title: Challenges and Opportunities for Research in the Oceans
Talk Summary: Dr. McNutt highlighted some the issues and challenges associated with developing infrastructure and the stability in near-shore environments, sea-level rise associated with both climate change and other causes, the potential impacts of ocean acidification, and the opportunities for scientific breakthroughs associated with microbial communities in the oceans.
File Download: 1.5 MB PDF document (.pdf)

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Venue: EGU Town Hall Meeting:  Tuesday 4 May 2010 at 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, Austria Center Vienna, Room D, Vienna, Austria.

Speaker: Maarten de Wit
Affiliation: University of Cape Town
Talk Title: Africa Alive Corrridors
File Download: 3.2 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Slides Prepared by: Rui Pinho
Affiliation: Secretary General, GEM
Presented by: John Ludden, Executive Director, British Geological Survey
Talk Title: The GEM Project: Towards a Global Earthquake Model
File Download: <1 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Robert Missotten
Affiliation: Chief of Earth Observation Section, UNESCO
Talk Title: The UNESCO Earth science initiatives
File Download: 6 MB PDF document (.pdf)

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Venue: AGU Meeting of the Americas: Wednesday 11 August 2010, Iguassu Falls, Brazil.

Speaker: Michael McPhaden
Affiliation: President, American Geophysical Union
Talk Title: Communicating the Science of Climatic Change
File Download: 1 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Alberto Riccardi
Affiliation: President, International Union of the Geological Sciences
Talk Title: Global Research Initiatives and Something Else
File Download: <1 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi
Affiliation: The World Academy of Science (TWAS), Mexico Chapter
Talk Title: Latin American and Caribbean S & T Cooperation Agency: A Proposal
File Download:<1 MB PDF document (.pdf)

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Venue: IGC Town Hall Meeting: Wednesday 8 August 2012, 13:00 - 16:00, Plaza Room 1, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia.

Speaker: Dr. Yao Yupeng
Affiliation: National Natural Science Foundation of China
Talk Title: Tethys Belt: ROAD OF GEOLOGY AND LIFE -- a proposal for GGI
File Download: 18 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. John Ludden
Affiliation: Executive Director, British Geological Survey
Talk Title: Future Earth: Research for Global Sustainability
File Download: 2 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. Chris Pigram
Affiliation: CEO Geoscience Australia
Talk Title: Priorities for Geoscience in Australia
File Download: 3 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. Mike Sandiford
Affiliation: School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne
Talk Title: Geoscience and Society
File Download: 2 MB PDF document (.pdf)

Speaker: Dr. Suzette Kimball
Affiliation: Deputy Director, U.S. Geological Survey
Talk Title: A Geosciences Vision for the United States
File Download: 3.5 MB PDF document (.pdf)

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