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Online IP Subscriptions (not for individuals)

The Glossary of Geology is available as an online subscription, via IP address, to libraries, university departments, corporations, etc. This service is not available to individuals.

The online Glossary provides access to the more than 39,000 glossary entries contained in the Fifth Edition of the print Glossary. In addition to the 13,000 updated entries that appeared in the Fifth Edition, more than 1100 changes, deletions and additions have been made to the online version since the publication of the print edition -- making the online Glossary even more up-to-date.

Users can learn the difference between look-alike pairs, such as sylvanite (a mineral) and sylvinite (a rock); the origin of terms; the meaning of abbreviations and acronyms common in the geoscience vocabulary; the dates many terms were first used; the meaning of certain prefixes; and the preferred term of two or more synonyms. Many Glossary entries contain a syllabification guide and background information.

The online Glossary is searchable using terms, words within terms or definitions, categories and Spanish-language equivalents. Boolean operators (and/or/not) are available for each search field. Search fields may also be combined or may be browsed using a pop-up word wheel.
The online Glossary includes several features not available in the print version:

  • Display option for images of minerals, rocks, fossils and landforms. These images are drawn from the Earth Science World Image Bank maintained by AGI.
  • Spanish language equivalents for many entries in the online Glossary. Translated by geoscientists whose native language is Spanish, the Spanish entries can be browsed or searched directly.
  • Hyperlinks to related or similar terms. Synonyms or antonyms and glossary terms appearing as parts of other term definitions are frequently hyperlinked to allow quick reference.

The online Glossary is an annual subscription. The rate is based on users. For a quote, or to inquire about site-wide licensing, please email

Please note that all site licensing is controlled through IP address restrictions. You will need to provide the public IP address blocks for which you are requesting licensing in order to complete the order.




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