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Hubble: the mirror on the universe

Robin Kerrod and Carole Stott

After 17 years, 25,000 astronomical targets and more than 700,000 images, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) continues to return images and data that amaze astronomers. Within the past few months alone, the Hubble has revealed a gold mine of just-formed star systems in the newborn Universe, provided detailed views of a second red spot emerging on Jupiter, and confirmed that monster black holes lurk at the center of galaxies.

This brand new and updated edition features the latest photos from Hubble's recent discoveries, with fascinating new information.

  • 80 new full-color images
  • A new introduction that reveals Hubble's future
  • The data behind Pluto's recent demotion to non-planetary status
  • Hubble's most important and fascinating new discoveries
  • Explanations of how these new discoveries are revising scientific understanding of the Universe.

New photographs reveal astonishing and previously unseen details of what once appeared only as gray blurs or dots on a star map. Examples include the Eagle Nebula and the birth of a star; newly formed stars blowing a cavity in the center of the Small Magellanic Cloud; colliding Antennae galaxies; and a massive galaxy just under assembly.

Hubble transports readers beyond our solar system to galaxies millions -- even billions -- of light years away. These dramatic, unforgettable new images bring into sharp focus the ways in which the Universe is unfolding in new and astonishing ways.

Copyright 2007 Quintet Publishing Ltd. Published in North America by Firefly Books Ltd.

ISBN 1-55407-316-2. Hardback, 9.50"x11.25" 192 pp. item #300348

This item is no longer available.

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