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Aggregate and the Environment

William H. Langer, Lawrence J. Drew, Janet S. Sachs

Produced in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey

Aggregate resources are vital to our way of life because they are the major raw materials used in construction of roads, rail lines, bridges, hospitals, schools, airports, factories, and homes, but the mining and processing of natural resources such as aggregate commonly raises concerns about potential environmental impacts. Nevertheless, we must have access to a readily available supply of high quality aggregate if we wish to maintain our current lifestyle.

This book is designed to help you understand our aggregate resources—their importance, where they come from, how they are processed for our use, the environmental concerns related to their mining and processing, how those concerns are addressed, and the policies and regulations designed to safeguard workers, neighbors, and the environment from the negative impacts of aggregate mining. We hope this understanding will help prepare you to be involved in decisions that need to be made—individually and as a society—to be good stewards of our aggregate resources and our living planet.

A PDF version of this publication is available on our web site.

ISBN 0-922152-71-3. Softcover, 8.50"x11.00" 64 pp. item #631601

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