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Harriet Evelyn Wallace
Scholarship Application

The Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship is available to all women pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the geosciences at an accredited U.S. institution of higher education in a recognized geoscience program. Successful applicants will be thesis-based, full time students and due to the nature of the position, each applicant must be either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. If selected, the new Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholar will be subject to verification of U.S. Citizenship or residency status. Applicants must also be a member of at least one of AGI's member societies, a list of which is available at

Each applicant must complete the appropriate online form and submit several documents in PDF format only. Each document must be less than 8MB in size and be given a unique filename.

The first document is your formal application for the scholarship. You are required to complete the five sections below, which will be submitted as ONE document. Include your full name, email address and phone number at the top of the document and start each section on a new page with a clear title. A Word template is available for download.

  1. Submit a list of AGI’s professional member societies to which you are a member and include your membership identification number for each.
  2. Indication of which graduate school you are attending or intend on attending. Please include any acceptance forms or letters from the institution. (*NOTE: You do not yet have to be accepted into your graduate program to apply for the Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship. However, you will not receive any support until you have formally accepted your admission to the graduate program).
  3. Description of any geoscience, technology, academic or professional development extracurricular activities.
  4. Curriculum Vitae or Resume (do not include the extracurricular activities above).
  5. A strict, 500-word limit abstract about your research interests in graduate school, why you can accomplish that research and what impact it will have on the geoscience community.

In addition, please upload individual PDF copies of the following items. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please redact and eliminate any identification numbers on these documents. This includes school ID numbers and Social Security Numbers. If ID numbers of any kind are found within these documents, the application will automatically be deemed ineligible for the scholarship and will be deleted.

  1. (Unofficial) Undergraduate Academic Transcript(s).
  2. (Unofficial) Graduate Academic Transcript(s) and/or Graduate Acceptance Letters (if applicable).
  3. (Unofficial) Highest or most recent GRE score report.

Incomplete applications will NOT be considered. When the application review process begins, AGI will notify applicants as to whether their application was forwarded on for review.


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